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Florida Told 'Don't Let Your Guard Down' as Irma Roars for Direct Hit


Florida Told 'Don't Let Your Guard Down' as Irma Roars for Direct Hit

Julia Conley, staff writer

Despite media reports of weakening winds, weather experts warned South Florida residents to remain vigilant and prepare for the worst as Hurricane Irma approaches the region, headed north from the Caribbean.

The National Hurricane Center called the storm "extremely dangerous" even though it's been downgraded from a Category 5 to a Category 4 storm, with winds currently rushing at 155 miles per hours.


Florida developers have been working tirelessly to weaken building codes.


Meanwhile, little noticed Hurricane Jose following a few days behind now is up to category 4 and has winds that are just as fast at Irma.


Scary stuff. And the mass fires out west here are all completely normal too. I realize no single event can be attributed to global warming, but just this is what those evil climate sciences say we should expect to see.


I do not like over-interpreting things like Hurricane strength in terms of global warming. While there is a fairly well proven effect, it is not a large effect relative to the great deal of variability in what we might expect to happen on the ground. If the public gets the false impression that this year’s hurricanes are one of the main pieces of evidence for global warming, then what happens next year if we happen to have a light hurricane season?


The Right has already been pumping that for a long time. Just a few years ago, they bashed Obama when a hurricane weakened, though I’m too lazy to see which one. They’ll do it again. That said, if some storms spawn more examination of where we are currently, I think that’s a plus.

I’ve had the good fortune with working with some PhDs in biology where I’m at, and climate change is now just what they figure into what they model for tree die-off and bark beetle spread out west. One was actually upset that Governor Brown, in his emergency tree removal order, appeared to blame the beetles rather than drought and climate change for what is happening to California’s forests. I had to tell him that beetles were things people could see and it was easier to say the obvious than invite backlash from red area voters where logging along highway rights of way will occur. He was still miffed, given his area of expertise.