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Florida's "Deceptive" Solar Initiative, Backed by Utilities Companies, Loses Support

Florida's "Deceptive" Solar Initiative, Backed by Utilities Companies, Loses Support

Nika Knight, staff writer

As utilities companies funnel millions of dollars into a last-ditch effort to convince Florida voters to pass an anti-solar initiative, the latest polling data shows support for the measure

Amendment 1 limiting subsidies only to corporate large scale solar power production advances the goals of the Walton and Koch families to monopolize solar power production.

Amendment 1 looks to be even worse the Washington State’s Initiative 732 “carbon tax”.

Although a carbon tax is better than cap and trade, I-732 also includes reducing State sales/excise taxes and reducing business and occupation (B&O) taxes…neither of those reductions being a good idea in a state that has no income tax. If I-732 passes, Boeing and other carbon intense industries will get more of a B&O tax reduction than they pay in carbon tax…precisely what I would want if I were a big carbon intensive industry.

Fortunately the Sierra Club, Pramila Jaypal and other progressives have illuminated deceptive I-732. Unfortunately, Washington voters have a history of rarely meeting an initiative they didn’t like and often don’t let facts get in the way of hyperbole.



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I’m in Florida and fortunately found out this was a trojan horse for the power companies before it was too late, so I early-voted against the Amendment. Unfortunately, the power company PAC is inundating Floridians with TV ads saying to vote yes on Amendment 1 (all feel good ads about how great solar is, to lure the unsuspecting), and I don’t see any TV ads warning consumers that it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Only the newspapers are revealing the truth behind this proposed amendment. I hope enough people learn the truth before it’s too late.