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Floridians Flock to Rallies as Donations Flood Sanders Campaign


Floridians Flock to Rallies as Donations Flood Sanders Campaign

Nika Knight, staff writer

Two days after Bernie Sanders won Michigan's primary in a huge upset, the senator was greeted by tens of thousands of Floridians in rallies across the state on Thursday, demonstrating the enormous grassroots support that is challenging Hillary Clinton in states her campaign once considered guaranteed victories.


Florida is a strange state. It has old redneck, Bible belt communities, all sorts of ethnic transplants, and a lot of military and ex-military residents. In other words, it’s a complex hybrid.

I PRAY the state goes FOR Sanders.

I would have gone to the Gainesville event but came back from a trip with Flu symptoms and I just didn’t have the energy to go anywhere… apart from voting.

It’s great to see the Sanders’ momentum still moving in spite of the media’s best efforts to marginalize him along with Mrs. Clinton’s deceptive descriptions of his policy positions.


Is that Wilford Brimley’s younger twin brother in the background?


I think Sanders has more of the Hispanic vote than does Hillary despite all her Hispandering! Somebody tell Hillary (and her millions) that when you are really poor that the difference between making $15 dollars an hour and $12 dollars an hour is A HELL OF A LOT!!!

An extra 120 per week equals clothes for baby, better nutrition for the family’s meals, a doctor’s office visit … Lots of things that you wouldn’t get for 12 bucks an hour. In short… A whole day of work just to make up that same 120 dollars. A lot of immigrants who are poor trust that Bernie is sincere about helping them.

Maybe they will be Bernie’s firewall in the days ahead.


I heard that Hillary Clinton pulled 1200 people in Tampa. No, that’s not much.

I suspect that one moment in the Florida debate was disastrous for Clinton. She called natural gas a bridge (to the future). Caught breaths and cognitive dissonance. She said what? I’d be surprised if the Bernie campaign didn’t run that tidbit all over the place.

Wyle E. Coyote is (at least once in the cartoon series) able to run off the edge of a cliff, hang in the air for a few seconds, then sneak back onto the edge of the cliff and breathe a big sigh of relief that he didn’t fall. I don’t doubt that Hillary Clinton is able to walk across a bridge built entirely of natural gas to the future. However, if she can accomplish this feat, she’s a cartoon character.


The best thing about the Florida primary is that it has put the spotlight on sea level rise. A question on climate change and sea level rise even came up in the Republican debate. Rubio gave his usual dumb answer and Kasich surprisingly sounded almost like a Democrat, at least a Democrat that supports the all of the above energy policy.


Bernie is polling so far behind Hillary in Florida that he would need a miracle to win there. I still blame the system of superdelegates. There are so many Democrats (several in my own family) who totally support Bernie, but they aren’t voting for him because they don’t think he has a chance of winning. When you ask them why he doesn’t have a chance of winning, they point to the superdelegates. The superdelegate system has created a self-fulfilling prophecy that Bernie will lose. It is a rigged system, and it is rigged against Bernie, and the fact that the system is rigged is making people shy away from supporting Bernie. I think progressives have made huge progress in this election, but expecting Bernie to win is putting the cart before the horse. First we need to make the system fair. If our electoral system were fair, Bernie would probably be polling much better in Florida, and in Ohio.


Of course he won’t win with that attitude. With their logic, she should get 100% of the vote. If he can lead substantially in pledged delegates those super delegates will melt away from her.


Let me explain the corruption that’s going on here, for those amazed by the Michigan Bernie result.

First, you need to understand that Nate Silver at fivethirtyeight.com and people of his ilk are in the tank for the establishment. All of the polls he cited for the Michigan primary, that showed Hillary winning by 8-22 points, all had one thing in common: they only polled Democrats. In fact, the aggregate number published at 538 about Michigan was almost exactly right, if you only counted registered Democrats.

However, Nate Silver had to know that Michigan has an open primary, where independents can vote, and they CRUSHED Hillary by huge margins and hence delivered the “shocking Bernie upset”.

Now, ask yourself, good reader, is it credible that a renowned political horse-race polling expert like Nate Silver would not know that Michigan has an open primary? Why then would he make such a bone-headed “mistake”.

Answer: it was no mistake at all. It was intentional, it was done intentionally to depress turnout for Bernie Sanders by independents.

What people need to realize is that Washington D.C. courtiers and party apparichiks like Silver and others (such as the notorious Markos Moulitsas at DailyKos, who is frantically trying to declare Hillary the nominee no later than March 15 before Bernie’s strongest states can vote) are trying to make Hillary’s thin and fading support seem much larger than it is. There are far more independents in the United States than there are Democrats, and independent voters do not want the corrupt neoliberal Hillary Clinton.

Four of the five primaries on March 15 are open primaries, the one exception being Florida. Notice how the Democratic party has structured Florida as a “winner take all” state, and closed it to independent voters. This, as with the case of the notorious “super delegates”, is part of the “thumb on the scale” manipulation the DNC does to rig the nomination on behalf of their anointed corporate (pant)suit.

Hopefully this clears up some of what’s going on. Know that the polls at 538 may be manipulating you. Nate Silver has been calling Bernie’s quest essentially impossible since the very beginning, and his reputation rests on his being right. He took a public black eye with Michigan, but he is likely to keep angling for his predicted outcome. Along with corporate media, party apparichiks like Kos, and party poo-bahs like Debbie Wasserman-Schulz, a veritable army of flying monkeys is preparing to blanket the skies and airwaves with SURRENDER BERNIE.

Don’t fall for it. Keep donating to Bernie, keep pushing, smash these bastards that are trying to steal your democracy on behalf of a corrupt oligarchy!

“The question going forward is this: How long will a campaign calling for revolution be tolerated by a counter-revolutionary party?”–Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential Candidate, discussing Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party


I live in a Bible belt Republican enclave. You’d be asking a New York liberal (old definition of the word) to walk into a virtual Klan rally. No can do.

Now my Keys’ friends… that’s another matter.


Your comment leaves out the anomalous nature of the Michigan outcome.

Polls are not always precognitive in predicting specific outcomes.


That’s a lot to ask. As in 500 miles each way.

I would make phone calls.

And I am no fan of any poster using an authoritarian voice to tell me what to do.

What are YOU doing? That is the question to ask yourself.


That’s when the big boulder landed on him, right?

“What’s that big shadow overhead?” - HRC



Sanders winning the Florida primary by a larger margin than that gained in Michigan would be an exciting turn of events. It would show a building of momentum that Voters across the nation would take note of. Hillary’s surrogates have been touting her lead in polls of prospective Floridian Voters. Losing in Michigan and then in Florida would turn the tables on Hillary.

The news media would be forced to pick up the story. Voters who are not complete zombies would begin to recognize the false facade of being the front runner Hillary’s been hiding behind from the outset. They would understand that claiming victory in advance based on polls is just another form of political shenanigans Washington politicians have been engaging in to fool the Public for decades.

I’ve been surprised that after being called out by one of Bernie Sanders’ surrogates on MSNBC, the commentator there has twice made note during his broadcast that the delegate count MSNBC posts on screen showing Hillary with a large lead in delegates includes the so-called super delegates that are actually delegates who are tentatively pledged to Clinton, but not actually committed prior to the Convention.

When people who have not already made up their minds attend a Sanders’ rally or watch a debate, Sanders picks up a lot more adherents than Hillary. People recognize Sanders’ authenticity. Hillary on the other hand has committed the same mistake she did the last time around: She started out by assuming the nomination belonged to her as an heir apparent; she was arrogant, and that’s what came across.

Much as I dislike the polemics of the republicans, I find myself open to the idea that a Clinton indictment within a month or so wouldn’t be a completely bad thing.


Oh, that’s important to know about Florida. So Ohio and the others really need our calls, too.


I ask that you lobby your relatives–Bernie beats the Republicans by more than HRC in the polls. If they like him anyway, why not vote for him in the primary?

Win/win, right? In the primary, they can vote for the candidate most likely to beat the Republicans. And we need their votes to bring the superdelegates back over.


With independents locked out, Florida belongs to the dumb donkeys. I expect them to go for the War Witch, though it’d be nice to give her scare there. The other four states are definitely in play, however, despite most naturally favoring her. A large independent turnout could deliver some more surprises.


During my undergraduate training in Psych and teacher training I had 6 courses that placed a considerable amount of emphasis on assessment, 3 of which had the term Test & Measurements included in the name of the course. In order to create an accurate test instrument based on answers to oral or written questions, much attention has to be paid to the wording of the questions and the order in which the questions are presented; with the type of verbal assessments pollsters use, vocal inflections and non-verbal gestures alone can completely invalidate the results.

I have no way of knowing what’s going on with political pollsters. I don’t recall ever seeing anyone bother to reveal what questions were asked. Without that, it’s not possible to accurately interpret the results. When we see the results of polls placing one candidate leading over another we get a percentage number, and most people assume a single question was asked: “Are you voting for Clinton or Sanders.” That’s a deceptively simplistic interpretation. The fact is a skilled pollster can design the poll to achieve a predetermined result in advance.

Personally, I don’t place any credence in political polls, as I always assume someone connected with every poll has an agenda that influences the outcome.


Last I heard Tom was working the superdelegates in Minnesota. And contributing plenty of dough to Bernie’s campaign including to Tim Canova to unseat Wasserman in your state. Hope you feel better soon.


Well, it’s quite a mess, isn’t it? By the letter of the law, it appears she should be indicted. That is a political blockbuster, however, and I cannot imagine Obama’s Justice Department doing this. Laws in the United States are for little people. We live in a post rule-of-law era, which is why Hillary felt so confident about setting such a shady operation up in the first place.

Would be wonderful to see it happen, but as people like Chomsky have pointed out before, the United States is structured such that the rich and connected have a separate system of law than ordinary people. The wealthy and powerful do not want all these legal pit bull agencies they’ve created to destroy the lives of the hoi polloi to be able to turn around and bite them.

It’s one thing to sic the FBI on some rubes out in the Oregon wilderness, another entirely to sic them on the Queen of Chaos herself in the middle of her coronation.