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Floridians Flock to Rallies as Donations Flood Sanders Campaign


Excellent analysis of the composition of Florida’s demographics, so true, I guess Ohio must be similar hybrid not so melting pot. However for what it’s worth I dare predict he will carry both states.


Some ought to give her a glass of water from their contaminated fracked well, perhaps that would “cure” her mental disease?.


You could be a troll or just a poor sucker.


Or JFK’d? We shouldn’t underestimate the power of the youths among us. For so long after Reagan our youth were doped, staying dormant but now to might eyes delight I see an American youth awakening. They might be able to kill the messenger but the idea will catch on like a wild fire. The revolution will not die despite the FBI trying to spy on each and everyone of us under the pretext of “terrorism”.


Love the Hispandering word. well done.


Well I dearly hope a lot of Florida independents re-registered as Democrats just for the primaries (when was the deadline?). That is what we are doing here in Pennsylvania - the focus of the campaign is voter-re-registration drives.

Pennsylvanians, please re-register here before March 28 for the April 26 primary!



Geez Louise, get out there and be FOR something!
The power of being FOR something is the energy that moves the piles of crap heaped upon heaped on this nation and get us all going in the direction of our aspirations.
I am old enough to know that politics is not a fast food deal; the long game takes time and effort.
I hear your doubts, have empathy for them in fact. I appreciate what you post here as well even as I disagree with your take on somethings.
However, the way forward is action., action, action.
My phone banking time and money donations are my ways of adding positive, actual doingness that walks my talk.
Come on! Debbie downer doesn’t look good on anyone.


Not my word though, one of the hosts at the debate used it.


I don’t think this person is an American but your comment is apt in general. We sit and expect good things to happen without our having to do anything to make them happen ourselves all the while complaining about all the bad things that we see happening out there.

For evil to triumph all that is needed is for good men to do nothing. (Also not mine lol)

Mine >>> For republicans to triumph all that is needed is for progressives to sit on their rears like usual and just complain while doing nothing about it.


What exactly was wrong with the anti-Trump “fiasco”? So I guess you think that past mass shutdowns of KKK and Stormfront marches are an “inside job” too?


Progressive are too passive. They don’t do anything to make real change happen. They just watch what is happening and root for one side or the other. Last week, Bernie won Michigan and wound up further behind in delegates than he was before. And this is something that progressives celebrate. Bernie is going to lose by fewer delegates than the number of superdelegates than Hillary has and it doesn’t seem like progressive care about that. Progressives don’t want real democracy; they only want the dream and the illusion that Bernie might win when the real issue is our broken system of democracy. We aren’t playing the lottery. The future of our country depends on this. People could at least pretend like they take is seriously.

And by the way, I am as American as anybody, and one of the few who actually cares about the future of this country.


Here are the records on the polls:

I don’t have good Iowa and New Hampshire numbers, but Bernie shot up from zero in Iowa to miss by a fraction. No, the press wasn’t expecting it. In New Hampshire Bernie shot up from zero and kept on going to a 22% victory. No, the press wasn’t expecting a blowout. Then came Nevada, Hillary’s Western firewall state. Bernie pulled within 5% and showed that he could win the Latino vote.

The next numbers are from the Huffington Post,

In Colorado, Bernie was expected to win by 6%, but he won by 19%.

In Minnesota, the polls confidently predicted that Bernie would lose by 34%. Bernie won by 23%. That’s crazy!

In Kansas, the polls had Bernie down by 10%. Bernie crushed Hillary by a 35% margin.

Then in Michigan, the polls had Hillary and her African-American firewall by 22%. Bernie won.

Maine didn’t make the HuffPost list but Bernie came out and ate Maine up with a 29% victory.

Finally, we must compare Arkansas, where Hillary was in the press all the time, with Vermont, where Bernie was in the press all the time. Bernie lost in Arkansas 19 delegates to 9. Hillary lost in Vermont 10 delegates to zero. That’s right, despite the endorsement of Vermont’s best Democrats, Hillary didn’t exist.
The problem with polls this year is that Bernie has been moderately consistent. He keeps confounding the polls in the same direction.

28,000 Demand Superdelegates Represent Constituents

I have nothing against the protests, but I think it is not wise to carry Sanders signs into what could turn into a melee that the media will play up.


Honest, I don’t know. She sure does not act like she would support him. As time goes on her lies about Bernie keep getting more dramatic. For instance, she implied that Bernie was in the pocket of the Koch Bros. Sheesh.


I note that a number of important elections or whatever they are called will be held on March 15th. The Ides of March; the anniversary of Julius Caesar’s murder at the hands of Brutus if I recall correctly. I wasn’t there at the time and I won’t be in the USA either…


Your numbers ignore everything that Bernie supporters have been ignoring all along, and it is the same misleading way that the media presents the numbers too. You are only counting pledged delegates, but not unpledged delegates. The unpledged delegates are just as much a part of the required total to win as the pledged ones are. Here is what happens when you include the unpledged delegates.

New Hampshire
Bernie won 15 pledged + 0 unpledged = 15 delegates
Hillary won 9 pledged + 6 unpledged = 15 delegates
The news reports Bernie won. It was a tie.

Bernie won 38 pledged + 0 unpledged = 38 delegates
Hillary won 28 pledged + 10 unpledged = 38 delegates
The news reports Bernie won. It was a tie.

Bernie won 67 pledged + 0 unpledged = 67 delegates
Hillary won 60 pledged + 10 unpledged = 70 delegates
The news reports Bernie won. Hillary won.

The total delegate counts for the Democratic primary race are
Pledged delegates = 4051
Unpledged delegates = 717
Total delegates = 4768
Needed to win = 2385

Here are the current numbers.

Pledged delegates
Bernie = 551
Hillary = 766

Unpledged delegates
Bernie = 25
Hillary = 465

If the remaining uncommitted unpledged delegates vote the way the rest of them have already declared they are going to, then the remaining unpledged delegates would most likely line up like this
Bernie = 12
Hillary = 215

There are 2734 pledged delegates left to be decided. Bernie needs an absolute minimum of two thirds of them in order to barely win the nomination.

Hillary will almost certainly wind up with about 680 unpledged delegates. That means that if Bernie’s final delegate count is less than 2385 but more than about 1705, then Hillary will have won on superdelegates. That is how the system is rigged in favor of the political establishment, because they personally get 15% of the delegate votes. The Democratic establishment politicians are not supportive of Bernie. Only 5% of superdelegates have said that they will vote for Bernie. And in the states that have already held primaries, which account for a third of all pledged delegates, Bernie has won 42% of those pledged delegates.

In order for Bernie to have any chance of winning the nomination at all, he will have to win Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri and Illinois on Tuesday, all by landslide victories, taking at least 67% of the pledged delegates. They are all big states and if Bernie is really going to win the nomination, then he can not afford anything less than a landslide victory in all of them.

Hillary will easily have enough delegates to win the nomination by April 26, and if she does well in the states where she is expected to do well, she could have it wrapped up after New York on April 19. But there is no way she could do that without the help of superdelegates.


This article, I believe, is wrong in stating that the Democratic primary delegates are winner-take-all. My understanding is that in all Democratic primary/caucus Presidential contests distribution is proportional, not winner-take-all.


Poor August was probably among those standing on the beach insisting the world was flat… some centuries ago.


It came from Democracy Now… and it’s the term coined for pandering to Hispanic voters.


Wow! Thanks for taking the time to put the ACTUAL data out there.

August spies should buy you a drink!