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Flouting Cabinet, Trump Plows Ahead With 'Potentially Devastating' Trade War


Flouting Cabinet, Trump Plows Ahead With 'Potentially Devastating' Trade War

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Despite fervent opposition from an overwhelming majority of his own cabinet, President Donald Trump is reportedly gearing up to wage an all-out trade war that critics argue could have a "potentially devastating" impact on the American economy and on U.S. relations with key allies.

"[Trump's proposed tariffs] would most likely ignite a major international trade conflict."
—Bob Bryan, Business Insider


FDR signed the Reciprocal Tariff Act early in his administration for a reason and it wasn’t because high tariffs were awesome.


Virtually all renewable energy technology and other green technology and equipment - wind turbine components, solar cells, lithium batteries, control equipment, light-rail vehicles - are not made in the USA and it is not likely that much of it will be made in the USA anytime soon. It all comes from China, Japan, Europe or Canada. We live in a global economy - and that is not a bad thing - especially as an increasing number of countries the US must import from have stronger worker rights protection than the US does!


Let him. Let the Mango Mussolini deal a crushing blow to business. Let him engage in the real-life role playing game he so tragically believes is real. Let him actually turn his back on the business community the way he’s turned his back on the young, working people, students, and the sick and elderly. Stay on his case, and when the Congressional Elections take place in 2018, and the General Election takes place in 2020, don’t let the hard right and the “third way”, Neo-liberal Democrats forget it. When the poop-filled bag is in flames on the front porch of the White House, it will be The Donald trying to stomp on his own flaming bag of poop.


Tariffs protect jobs … and just what’s so obscene about that?


Throughout history, protectionist policies have been disastrous for the economy, business, agriculture and international relations. There is absolutely NO aspect of our economy from soup to nuts (including the areas of medical advancements and research) that will not be irrevocably damaged or destroyed by such an abominable “trade policy.” And who will pay the price: ALL AMERICANS.

But what does the diabolical demagogue know about history or precedent or good practice or diplomacy of ANYTHING BEYOND PRODUCING BEAUTY PAGEANTS? Vile, loathsome and totally INSANE!


In what world, yours? The markets for our products, especially in agriculture, will bottom out due to international customers turning toward nations with more favorable/workable trade practices. Prices on imported goods will skyrocket. Massive layoffs IN THE US in agriculture and other manufacturing industries will be ubiquitous. And all Americans in the 99% will suffer greatly. And it goes without saying how much more we reviled we will be throughout the world. Read American History since the industrial revolution, why dontcha.


From the article:

“But the more likely response,” she wrote, “is that companies would just replace workers with more robots.”

Um, that’s going to keep on happening trade war or not.


Yuck, yuck, Donald Trump is doing something stupid again. Fine and dandy, I and I believe the bulk of Americans need the entertainment in our nationally insecure lives.

Of what I have not seen in all the while since Donald Trump was elected is what his election and presidency indicates about the current state of the United States. Yes, he garnered almost 3 million votes less than Clinton, but still when looking at a map of the swath of states in which Trump garnered a majority vote, screaming out is “Something is Very Wrong”! A national decline seems underlying Trump’s electoral success, with little attention–even in left-wing sites like CommonDreams–paid to seeking exploration of this decline.

In confessedly my judgment, rather than seeking to understand a state-of-affairs of increasing personal insecurity, Congressional Republicans are hell-bent on exacerbating the insecurity (cut health-care, etc.). As for Congressional Democrats, if one stops to notice, from them almost nothing has been heard (Perhaps we shouldn’t cut health-care SO much, etc.). No national discussion is occurring on the state of the country, which I perceive as very dangerous indeed, Donald Trump being indicative of the price paid for this indifference.


Protectionist measures may be useful in a developing peripheral country trying to become independent of first-world exploitation by building a high-value-added manufacturing and technology economy. This is what the “Asian Tigers” did of few decades ago. The US is not such a country - quite the opposite. Protectionism in the US is an expression of primitive insular nationalism. This is not something the left should ever support.


My main objection to the global economy is that it requires the most fuel/energy to transport raw materials and finished products, and certainly exploits subsistence labor around the world. In other words, to address global warming, every nation must build their economies to be less dependent upon import/exports. What’s odd about Herr Trumpler’s pretentious trade agenda is his devotion to fossil fuel industries, particularly Alberta tar sands crude which is mainly suitable for the large diesel engines of trans-oceanic shipping. The more dependent we become on global trade, the more vulnerable we become to any disruption. Civil War worldwide will ensue and WWIII commence. Herr Trumpler is following the advice of those who will profit from the suffering they intend to make happen.


Agreed! Globalization has altered the trade landscape in such a way that protectionism practiced by the major manufacturing/agricultural exporting nations would be extremely detrimental to their economies. DJT has no clue. He needs to go NOW!


Hello Jake Johnson, Herr Drumpf is bound to destroy the economy, in part or in whole so why would anyone want to stop the Mango Moron from doing his worst up front instead over a longer period of time!!! The only positive I see is the scummy rats leaving the sinking ship 'Murikka!!!


[quote=“Leftist, post:3, topic:42884”]“Virtually all renewable energy technology and other green technology and equipment – wind turbine com­ponents, solar cells, lithium batteries, control equipment, light-rail vehicles – are not made in the USA and it is not likely that much of it will be made in the USA anytime soon.”[/quote]SFAIK, a considerable amount of the wind turbine components for domestic use ARE being made in here in the U.S. – I’ve seen long trainloads of huge blades heading west, not east – but China is rapidly becoming the sup­plier for the rest of the world.  And IIRC Siemen’s, although a German company, builds a majority of its light-rail vehicles for the American market here in the U.S. as well.  Ditto BMW and Mercedes.

[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:42884”]“The president and a small band of ‘America First’ advisers made it clear they’re hell-bent on imposing tariffs – potentially in the 20% range – on steel, and likely other imports.”[/quote]Lotsa luck rebuilding America’s steel industry.  Last I looked Youngstown Sheet & Tube, where my grandfather was a foreman and union rep in the 1930’s, -40’s and early -50’s, was a YUGE vacant lot. OTOH, if we DO get into a war with China where are we going to get the steel to build our ships and tanks – from China??


Steel: from one of DJT’s kleptocrat pals in Russian where most of the pipelines for DAPL and Keystone came from. And probably like much of the merchandise sold by Walmart back in its infancy, the pipes are stamped Made in the USA (when in reality it is/was not American made). Yet another pandering promise made by the venomous asp in the WH that he absolutely had no intention of keeping but his ignorant supporters ate it up.


Tariffs were not called protectionist policy until Reagonomics. Historically they were considered the major revenue source of the US. Being a customs agent in charge of a major port like NY was a huge political prize. Presidents used it as a carrot to get favors. Perhaps that is what Trump has in mind.

I have no idea what the result long term would be of raising tariffs and no one else does either other than it would cause change.


The more Trump picks military confrontations with his “made in Washington” foreign enemies and the more he riles his allies, the more he destroys American soft power. Soon the only way his decaying empire can get anything done will be through nuclear war and we all know that it will end all civilized life on Earth!


Who cares what’s bad for business? If the entire world economy simply collapsed it’d be a net victory for nearly every form of life on Earth save for the omnicidal homo capitalis.

It might even give the biosphere an outside chance at averting runaway climate collapse.

Also, fuck both of these corrupt old capitalist parties



But, replacement by robots is not going to happen overnight. There are lots of jobs that robots are not yet designed to handle. Imo, the threat of replacing workers with robots is just that…a reactionary threat that may of may not be significant.


Thanks for the link. I would have skipped over it, otherwise.