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Flouting Human Rights, Trump Pushing New 'Buy American... Weapons' Blitz


Flouting Human Rights, Trump Pushing New 'Buy American... Weapons' Blitz

Julia Conley, staff writer

The administration is expected to enlist military attaches and diplomats to push American-made weapons to foreign governments, as well as loosening trade restrictions


It gets really old and repetitious calling BS on trump & Co family regime of depravity and frank evil, but we are left with no other choice when every goddamn day the swine commits yet another in now countless atrocities against people and planet to further personal and crony greed and put profits and exploitation above every standard of compassion/empathy and concern for the Common Good! I never wish ill to anyone (Karma you know) but I have reached the end of my tether with this ugly pathological POS, his family and GOPig co-conspirators!


Nothing is quite as bi-partisan as US arms sales.

I personally love the sales to our number one customer, Saudi Arabia. Except for all the Saudi arms that end up in the hands of Al Qaeda and ISIS. Oops.


That’s his and his handlers game plan. 24/7 barrages of propaganda and lies. To distract the 99s from the real business; of unwinding our entire governing processes, to the benefit of a few ( usual suspects ) unelected crooks and religious zealots.
It is open season on our democratic republic by the likes of McConnell and his retrograde benefactors. Don’t take my word for it, though. Just look at all those right wing crazies behind Looney Trump in the Saturday photo from Camp David. Have you ever seen so many shit-eatin’ grins in one place, in your life?