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Flouting International Law, Netanyahu Says West Bank Settlements Will Remain 'Forever'


Flouting International Law, Netanyahu Says West Bank Settlements Will Remain 'Forever'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared in a speech on Monday that Israel's settlements in the occupied West Bank will remain "forever," remarks many critics characterized as an explicit statement of a longstanding commitment to maintaining and expanding settlements that have been deemed illegal under international law.


The cruel Zionist petty despot has spoken! He and DJT are “cut from the same cloth” and their actions mirror one another in all their vile, disgusting visages.


This is the culmination of the premeditated Zionist plan since 1948 to expand territory and after the also premeditated '67 war, to annex The Occupied Territories - to take by force territory of others and ethnically cleanse the lands to be for Jews only - open and extremist racist cloaked in “religion”! Racist expansionism expressly illegal under International Law and UN Charter after the Nazis did much the same culminating in WWII.

The Zionist plan after the 1967 Six Day War was the “settler movement”, the illegal expulsion of the indigenous population to colonization The Occupied Territories to “put facts on the ground that will be hard to change”, and now the Zionist terrorists openly admit their Eretz Israel-Greater Israel racist expansionism - open contempt for international law and UN Charter that must NOT ever be tolerated or accepted, but fought and reversed!!

What goes around, eventually comes around!

Boycott, Divest, Sanction! the Israeli terrorist thieves!


Never again?


Apartheid was defeated in South Africa and eventually it will be defeated in Israel. Equal rights for all!


Would someone check and see whether Kushner was at that event?


Kushner was more than likely still there when Net. gave this speech as he met with Net. in Israel on Aug. 24 according to this article written on 8/25:

Israel Pulse

Netanyahu and Kushner’s diplomatic masquerade

by Mazal Mualem August 25, 2017

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/08/israel-us-netanyahu-kushner-diplomatic-meeting-white-house.html#ixzz4rBH7MHnA

Not surprising. He is also a laughing-stock in Israel (according to article).


Fascism appears to be spreading. USA, Poland, Hungary, Israel. Reminiscent of the 1930’s, just a different set of players. If anyone should realize the dangers involved, it should be the Israelis.


Short memories (?) yet they clarion the horrors of the Holocaust while perpetrating monstrous abominations against the Palestinians.


Hasn’t Bennie the Net been found guilty of something yet? The guy is a poster boy for the Zionist Mafia. What does he have to do, shoot three Muslims in broad daylight on the streets of Manhattan?
His partners in crime; Ross, Mnuchin, Cohen, Adelson and the Trumpster Hillbillies certainly all use some of the same laundromats, right? Even Bennie’s main squeeze is up to no good, usually. What a crass bunch of the newest version of the Beautiful People: they’ll make the cover of Slobs, Sluts and Scumbazzos in October, at this current pace.


What Internationsl law?
The trial of Serbians when it was US Brits and NATO allies who put together the Greater Albanian plan.
US funded and srmed Islamic Forces and both Croats and serbs with guns from Iraq, Iran and even N. Korea.
Arming of genocidal group of terrorist called Black Eagles.
Break up of Yugoslavia where the new sic. Sovereign states banks were run by Euro Banks and a Brit as viceroy.
Those who support an international court do not condemn US illegal wars and profit from them.
The UN comes in and recieved tarrifs. On all imports and exports and then seizes lands and made it a nation called Kosovo.
Of yes we have international agreements by Euro Centrics but laws?


International law does not apply to the USA or Israel.
The USA Emipire is the decider …


Larry Flynt (of Hustler infamy) might consider publishing such a mag as “Slobs, Sluts, and Scumbazzos” as photos of these miscreants would be in abundance; bylines would create themselves and there would be an instant market for the rags. .:rofl:


I am sad that my country, USA, is not only an enabler but a partner in, I will not mention Judaism,but Israeli genocide of the peoples namedPalestinians.


So it’s O-K for Netenyahoo to “annex” Palestine, but it wasn’t O-K for Hitler to “annex” Czechoslovakia?   What’s the difference??   B.  D.  S.   NOW!!

And while you’re at it, boycott Sheldon Adelson’s casinos . . .


There will not be peace on earth as long as Israel remains in Palestine. To Israel’s abhorrence Russia has managed to pull out of US Zionist hegemony and China has been able to modernize it’s military. BRICS nations threaten to knock off the dollar as world currency of trade which will in effect knock off Zionism and US bankstrer terrorism around the globe.