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Flyboy: To Humiliate Tyrants

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/10/08/flyboy-humiliate-tyrants


Of the two heads in the picture, Pence and the Fly, which was more intelligent and told fewer lies?


The fly did not lie.


Ahhhh…the Herald of Beelzbub, the god of Shit, the fly is. Trump, Pence, Barr, Pompeo, Miller, McConnell, all of them doomed by the fly. They will have eternity to converse with the multitude of Popes about ethics and morality while the hungry, the homeless, the broken, and the casualties war level the charges of “Crimes against humanity” against the worthless and arrogant turds. They are a hopeless lot, this president and his minions. The fly has done them in.


Exactly what I thought. Beelzebub - Lord of the Flies, Prince of Hell.


Me, too! The “Anointed One” by the christian taliban has a fly land on his head. Not only that, it stuck around. Shows Satan is also anointing Pence as his representative on Gaia. Now, I wonder, what new plagues and disasters will be afflicted upon us as Yahweh and Satan duke it out, just as they did with poor Job…

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Maybe hair is so stiff with spray or goop he can’t feel it ?


Just a suggestion here. Someone in the next Pence/Harris debate, keep a baseball bat handy in case the fly comes back and lands on Pence’s head again.


Gives entirely new meaning to ‘your fly is open’


Declared the fly:

Pence did not cry
As thousands die
And millions sigh
His eyes are dry
They promise pie
Up in the sky
With COVID nigh
They do not try
To help a guy
Or women spry
Or children shy
They just deny
And wave goodbye
Then turn to vie
With greedy eye
And motive sly
For wealth supply
As they imply
We vilify
Their alibi
For why they lie.

They’ve gone awry
With no reply
I wonder why?
I hope they fry
In pools of lye
Then putrefy
I certify
We must decry
And not comply
Indeed defy
Then dignify
And unify
To modify
Then fortify
That stimuli
That common tie
That waves like rye
To testify
And justify
Our heads held high
To kill their lie.

Declared the fly.




Amazing! And wonderful!


“The fly knows.” LMFAO


You gotta give flies credit, they can sniff out plies of shit no matter where it is, or how high it’s stacked.


The People’s Party has its logo.

I thought fly guy might be stuck !

This is brilliant reporting. Focus the gaze of the voters on a fly to distract them from how Harris said she is beholden to Wall Street, and that her “coalition” includes former Dubya Bush cabinet members, including Colin Powell, whose lies helped turn Iraq into a charnel house and helped create Daesh.

Never mind all that; look a fly!


What’s all the commotion about…? It’s just an ordinary house fly doing what flies do best: target excrement…

She’s a young, hip, smiling black person–there is no reason not to think she’s wonderful (hmm. . .where did we see this before?)

In image she’s the female Obama.
In policy, she’s another Hillary.

Will Joe mess up the next time they’re on stage and call her the wrong name? Will he miss his camera cue because he’s busy sniffing her hair?

But sure, I’ll throw in “Pence is evil,” in case anyone thinks I’m a closet Trump supporter.

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The fawning press overlooks:
Mistress to married Willie Brown (paid with career boost)
Mother, India. Father, Jamaica. Black - not.
Affluent upper middle class family.

Harris was a whore even before entering politics and is now a hard left pseudοnegrο with a rancid nouveau-poor affectation.

Reject this fraud.

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