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Flyboy: To Humiliate Tyrants

Leader of the Choir Boys. The Island is on fire and we hope an adult shows up soon.

Exactly why Kamala was selected as VP. over a year ago! Harris is an Obama, female.

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Mother, India. Father, Jamaica. Black - not.
Affluent upper middle class family.

Jeez coulda sworn subjugation based on race origin or class is called
BIGOTRY the root of RACISM

Mistress to married Willie Brown
Yeah well Willie was good at some things early on till he lost his focus
Kinda hard to miss in the mix

And who hasn’t screwed or been screwed
That leaves everyone out

And whore…politics…hard left… pseudοnegrο …rancid …nouveau-poor…affectation.

Now there you go with that BIGOTED RACISM

Gotta work on that

Even if that was all there was to it, and true people still like her better than Pence and his particular brand of whoredom.

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I could care less if kamala harris were chartreuse and purple, or if she worshipped dog poop, or if she spoke in tongues – she is nonetheless a wretched, horrible human being who put hundreds of BLACK people in California prisons, who disregards U. S. and international law on the genocidal apartheid state of Israel (well, agree that she’s far from alone in supporting Israeli government war crimes and treaty violations), and who adamantly refuses to discuss action on the deteriorating climate. No way can I vote for this corporate-owned bitch.

Willie Brown’s mistress
Mother, India. Father,

Harris, a whore even before entering politics, is now a hard left pseudοnegrο with a rancid nouveau-poor affectation.

Takes an ignorant arrogant know-it-all to call others on racism, when Harris herself has amply demonstrated her intolerance of those of African descent.

Of course you have to vote your conscious, just know that it is a defacto vote for someone far worse and more dangerous. These are the choices.

No dickhead
I expect you putz trump trolls to come up with more than racism from your boss
I EXPECT you to come with an independent thinking brain and intelligent ideas

Repeat after drump
Go ahead you can do it
Try caps this time it will LIVEN up your DULL posts

I have far more confidence in Kamala Harris, she has the skill and potential to apply to this job.

This is a great article, I loved the “I sent the fly” caption.

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Droning buzz emanating from the environment as flies everywhere are saying, “hell we have lies in our name and we can’t out lie this fucker!”.