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Flying Blind: Delusional, Our "Favorite President" Is

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/07/21/flying-blind-delusional-our-favorite-president

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Of course he will say nice things about Ms. Maxwell, she more than likely has much “salacious” information, and probably photos/film of him in compromising situations. As for the “patriotic” thing, do not think he has one iota of what most of would consider patriotic.


Abby - it may be time to give the Trump bashing a rest. I despise the guy too; but it’s not making a dent. Nor is the NYT’s daily thrashing of the guy. Its not going to sway votes. But for the Times, it makes a lot of $$$, so they actually love the guy. Same as CNN, etc.

What would sway votes is to provide people with what the Dems have to offer as an alternative.

But the problem with that is they offer nothing. As a matter of fact, they just blocked the removal of Troops from Afghanistan!!! You can’t make this sh*t up…

I think they secretly want Trump. It deflects from their miserable record and own criminality.

So, I guess…stay the course. At least you have something to write about.


Follow the Benjamin’s!

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Trump: " I wish her well". Ms. Maxwell knows exactly what that message means.


Compared to Trump, there is zero criminality. You may not have noticed but Joe Biden is way ahead of trump in national polls. No Democrat or Democrat supporting paper would wish for more years of trump.

Lucky fella - none of it is impeachable.


Unless that Democrat was asked whether she/he would prefer Sanders to Trump.