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Flynn Out: From Trump's "Full Confidence" to Midnight Resignation


Flynn Out: From Trump's "Full Confidence" to Midnight Resignation

Jon Queally, staff writer

Less than one month into office, President Donald Trump's controversial national security advisor, Michael Flynn, abruptly resigned Monday night following revelations he had discussed sanctions with a high-level Russian official and then misinformed White House staff, including Vice President Mike Pence, about that conversation.


So these rotten crooks and corrupt liars are turning on one another. Get ready for a second "Night of Long Knives."


Under normal circumstances, this news would be good. The question of which crazy fascist Trump will now appoint is bothersome.

A very telling statement.


The War Party just won't let up. Of all the horrendous things the Trump administration has already done, from the Dakota pipeline to immigration to even more deregulation, they zero straight in on the one policy area that might have represented one faint ray of hope, which happens to be the policy find most threatening to their plans for permanent war and booty: détente with Russia. This will not end well, folks.


I think it high time that the Constitution be placed smack dab in the middle of the table with the specific observation that the concept is a SOCIAL CONTRACT demanding recognition that YOU CANNOT "RUN" A NATION LIKE A CORPORATION. Though increasingly, particularly given revelations of the long and sordid history of abuses of human rights and nature by transnational corporations, it has been made crystal clear that the world demands that corporations bend a knee when their actions destroy lives.

Flynn, for instance, was apparently intended to serve as a pre-armed (read mafia) representative of a corporate interest masquerading as the United States. Unless we demand that the checks and balances are ACTIVELY APPLIED EVERY STEP OF THE WAY what you have is fully institutionalized organized crime.

Make no mistake, I do not think this is something new, but rather merely having had the curtain temporarily pulled aside. Make no mistake, from the local level straight up through each jurisdiction of representation this is what we either actively demand and enforce, or suffer the consequences.


This might be an opportunity for the establishment to install as National Security Advisor someone like Petraeus, who could set up parallel channels with foreign governments. Those who wish to preserve the international status quo need to somehow make it clear to allies and rivals alike that Trump does not speak for, nor make decisions, for the United States. Other governments, especially China, need to be assured that any orders from Trump to the military would be diverted to someone rational like Petraeus, and that Trump's "nuclear football" would be a dummy.

That would leave the Trump family free to loot at will and allow the Republican legislative majorities to beat up on minorities and working people, neither of which outcomes would upset the .001%. Nuclear war, however, would bother even the Koch brothers and the Waltons.


"Lock her up" Flynn was far too political to serve as National Security Advisor, a position that should be about as apolitical as they come. Good riddance, Herr General.


What did he know and when did he know it? Are we approaching Pence time? Clearly only the goofiest citizens of the US and the world are liking the idea of Trump as President.


"Flynn's... Sin was not lying to the Public...; that's encouraged. It was lying to Pence."

As usual, acting as one of our only Functioning Journalists, Glenn Greenwald, cuts through, right to the Heart of the Matter.


We needed the "lie" to Pence business to avoid the loss of Pence in the possible upcoming Congressional investigations. I assume we have a lot of back channel bargaining between Trump and Republican higher-ups. Trump must either totally (or nearly totally) bend to the will of Party elites or it is President Pence.


Are we approaching Pence time? Soon it may not matter; because, we will be in Mad Max time.


Something doesn't add up here !

These are the strangest of times - and trying to comment here is fraught with danger, lest one offend sensibilities.

Let me be clear - I think the US nation is in an advanced state of collapse, and the only person I would have voted for was Jill Stein - yet I am not a feminist, nor an American citizen.

But looking over the record - of Michael Flynn's statements - and in particular comparing them to other national security advisers and indeed secretaries of state - I find Flynn to be a 'straight shooter'.

So now misleading Pence is offensive ?

Maybe Flynn cares for his country.

And it wasn't Flynn who lied to congress and the American people, it was Colin Powell, who, until he became a politician, had my respect.

Let's get with the program folks - if Trump fires you - you are by default a decent person.


I had to look away. The "GOP leaders" are holding a press conference. Up until the questions, it was all about "fixing health care." Now Ryan is doing the shuffle, pretending it may have fixed everything to fire Flynn.


Yours is the strangest of posts. Flynn seemed to put money over ethics (and likely, lawful behavior) with his Russia and Turkey dealings. Then, look at his tweets. Often strange and offensive. He seemed to be becoming less sane than Trump.


Well, the administration says it was lying to Pence. But I think when you have intelligence agencies afraid to discuss intelligence with administration principals, at the same time Putin has been cleaning house on the intelligence tech side in Russia, there are possibly bigger, scarier things going on.


Yes, the racist islamophobe belligerent warmonger Flynn is such a friend of the left and progressives everywhere! What is it about breaking the law don't you understand.


You are aware that Flynn is a hard right-wing islamophobic lunatic, don't you? And you do know that it is illegal for someone outside the current administration (Obama was still president when Flynn contacted the Russian ambassador) to conduct foreign policy, right?


If the purported passion for the law of you and your ilk had any actual foundation, and were honestly enforced as intended, far greater criminals than Flynn--say, starting with Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and the rest of that gang, and continuing with Obama, Clinton, Nuland and the rest of that gang--would now be behind bars and not ramping up the propaganda war against Russia and Syria and continuing to push for conflicts and regime change. If there was even half the hysteria against Drumpf's economic policies that there is against his overtures to Russia, the screaming media and political hyenas might have some credibility. But there isn't. Of course there isn't. To them, that's just capitalism as usual. But try to take away their wars, then you're treading on thin ice.


Did anyone fall in the Reagan administration when his team supposedly made dealings with the Iranians regarding the US hostages prior to the election?


Sadly, no, but at least the Contra half of the equation resulted in some convictions.