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Flynn Resignation Shows Leaks Under Trump Are Working. Keep ‘Em Coming


Flynn Resignation Shows Leaks Under Trump Are Working. Keep ‘Em Coming.

Trevor Timm

Leaks are coming out of the White House at a seemingly record pace, many of which have painted a picture of a dangerously ignorant and ill-equipped president who is narcissistic to the extreme, unable to let go of even the smallest of slights. But some of these leaks have halted a Trump appointment and controversial policies in their tracks, and it’s a lesson showing how whistleblowers and leaks to the press are vital for democracy.


To find out what is going on in the Trump administration we will have to depend on leaks and whistle blowers. For leaks we need to maintain a free press. Trump has been trying to discredit the free press at every opportunity as part of his war against the truth. His attacks are actually aimed at three truth-seeking institutions, the free press, the courts, and the university. Trump's political power will be virtually unlimited if he can stamp out the truth and replace it with what he says the truth is, or lies.


I would like you to clarify "Free Press". Because the corporate press, CNN, MSNBC, Fox etc. is directly tied to the government, not free. Trump is correct in calling CNN "fake news" because it is, it's propaganda, but so are the rest. Independents, like CD, I would consider free press under attack. In case you didn't know, the free press was sold to the oligarchs a long time ago...


I have little faith in the so-called free press, but as long as Trump continues to attack the press for every perceived slight or criticism, the press will be a willing partner to Trump's undoing. Every past president has known that the press is a vital tool for propagandizing their agenda. The fact that Trump cannot grasp this simple and obvious truth is yet another sign he is in over his head. On the other hand, should Trump get the boot, Mike Pence knows full well how to partner up with the press. That is cause for great concern.


Could Flynns 'Flying the Coup' have been used to help conceal and distract from the Donalds' Russian 'Golden Showers' being revealed?

Or, is this revelation imminent?


I got a laugh there. Thanks.


You are referring to the 'Democratic Party Establishment' Controlled 'Free Press'. Correct?


The free press is any part of the press not controlled by the government. There are some gray areas such as the government gives licenses for the air waves so it does pass laws affecting radio and network TV. All the print media is part of the free press. The Internet is part of the free press. It is pretty comprehensive and Trump is trying discredit any part of the free press that criticizes him. Much of the free press does accept advertising to there is a wide range of editorial independence from publishers that actually publish stuff to get specific ads to those that keep basically a wall between marketing and editorial.


Sorry to spoil things but that is a myth.


Sorry to spoil things but that is a myth.


Lrx says: "All the print media is [should read:: "are"] part of the free press..."

But I say: This is a provably untrue claim, Lrx, -- as are several other claims in your mostly magical-thinking post.

Government "control" of the press obviously isn't limited to upfront, direct/legal mechanisms ----------I mean, not even theoretically........



What is so amazing is that the Republicans are more concerned with the source of these leaks, than the lies that are most likely going to be prosecuted criminal felonies.