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Flynn Scandal Spotlight Falls on Trump and What He Knew and When


Flynn Scandal Spotlight Falls on Trump and What He Knew and When

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

While President Donald Trump on Tuesday claimed the "real story" in the case of Gen. Michael Flynn's midnight resignation is why "there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington," many journalists, lawmakers, and concerned U.S. citizens are asking a different question: What did President Trump know and when did he know it?


Its never the lie, its the cover-up - a truth that will tear-down this odious house of cards and its "leader"!

The pathological Liar-in-Chief now prepares his alternative facts, diversions, and twisted adolescent twitter response!


Chaffetz won't hold hearings. Apparently, he did not hear his constituents telling him to "do your job." Typical repub that puts party power above country.


Seems to me the real elephant in the room from the start is Trumps ties to Russia. All of this mess about Flynn is one thing but Trump knew and did nothing. Russia is now defending Flynn when Trumps ties run deep, all the way back to Manafort.
The whole thing is about Trumps ties to Russia, refusal to divest and the corrupt Repugs that refuse to expose him. When they are through with Trump Chavez should be next. This is a security nightmare.


Amen. Trump could've released his tax returns to clarify the whole issue, but he didn't. Page, Manafort, Flynn--these are Trump's guys, all Putin entangled. All of this was knowable before the election, well before the DNC hacking reached full bore this fall.


There is no question in my mind that Trump and Flynn were in agreement with the stuff he promised to Russia. Of course Trump knew about it from the beginning! I hope whatever investigation happens is independent. God knows these government investigations are usually a sham. And while we are at it, investigate Trump! We know too little about his business dealings, his taxes, his conflicts of interest. I can't believe we are even allowing this joke to be in office.


The main problem with the question, "What did Mr. Trump know and when did he know it?" is that Mr. Trump doesn't know anything about anything. That's his and our main problem. He's an ignorant psychopath.


These same questions need to be asked to Trumps' Best Boy Bannon.


Flynn, ever the good, loyal soldier, falls on his sword for the boss. And covering for a far more damning lie the boss has already made--or lived, whatever.

Wouldn't surprise me that to avoid testifying he'd do it for real. Smelly, smelly shite.

And we all are a lot--I really mean, a lot--less safe.


Well, Flynn did lie to Pence, right? I mean, that's gotta be a firing offense. All makes total sense. Time to move on.


The press "briefing" just now was hilarious. Melissa McCarthy can take the week off and SNL can run the tape of the boy.


Hair Twitler's grand_ strategy is similar to that of [deleted name] in negotiating the [unnamed nation-Russia] Non-Aggression Pact of 1939, negotiated secretly. It's an awful shame that Flynn was caught out, albeit he hasn't revealed what is contained in the delineation of spheres of interest pertinent to the pact and carving up of the world. Once the Russians had been led into this dreamland, then a formidable, totally unexpected attack could be launched, as Flynn --American patriot that he is--preplanned with Twitler.

Hair Twitler to all, and to all a good nacht!

NOTE: I saw the expression "Hair Twitler in post by disqus user Zwadny Zigashits. I do not know if s/he coined it, but I love it!


This is looking more and more like tricky dick and his agnew -- granted, flynn wasn't veep, but all the twit's men certainly do seem to be falling!


Excellent point -- Bannon scares me as much as the twit does!


Of course t-dump knew about the calls. Flynn is a nut case but he was t-dump's snitch in charge, a position that Flynn was giddy to take. With Manford out, t-dump needed another liaison that had previously established connex in Moscow and Flynn was his boy. And now he is the fall guy. What an ignominious end to a checkered career. Now Flynn can devote all his time to his bat-s - - t crazy forums and organizations along with his son.

Congress will do nothing and Renfield Sessions certainly will not take up any investigation. The rotten inner core of the t-dump org is collapsing. Hip, Hip, Hooray!


As Sen. Schumer (whatever you may think of him, please spare us and stay on topic) has pointed out, reading from published DoJ policy, Sessions must recuse himself because of his work with Flynn on the campaign, at the very least.


Well, that's their story. Hard to know if it's real or just more alternative facts -- the ol' plausible deniability canard. More likely, Pence was in on the scam to begin with and only got pissed off when the facts came out and he ended up looking bad.


This criminal activity with politicans and wall street bankers will continue until they start being hauled off to jail.


Wait, you aren't suggesting Flynn only got the boot after the story made the front page of the Washington Post, are you? I mean, from what we know about the President, he cares a ton about what people say to Pence.


Lest we forget the oligarch's oligarchs in the wings...
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