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FOIA Request Probes Extent of Government Spying on Climate Protesters


FOIA Request Probes Extent of Government Spying on Climate Protesters

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Citing an investigation that revealed federal agents went undercover to spy on environmental activists, the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) on Thursday filed nine Freedom of Information Act requests seeking information on surveillance of peaceful protests at federal fossil fuel auctions.


And the fracking queen bats next...


Remember, when a government spies on its own citizens, it is paranoid because of the atrocities that it commits against those citizens.


Nature Bats Last


To our government anyone who would work to save the planet instead of fossil fuel profits are terrorists. If they could they would sew a cop with a tazzer into your underwear.


No shit.


Yes, many should look this site up..... and ... the "spying " will just get worse, then ... it will get more dangerous.......Why?.... Because those at the top will NEVER give up the power and money that fossil fuels provide.


Remember that this is nothing new.

In the days of the Vietnam War protests and the entire counter-culture movement, FBI agents routinely infiltrated its rank and file in order to ferret out some of the movement's more radical elements. Where it gets scary is when agents deliberately goat protesters into acts of violence and/or sabotage by providing them logistics, weapons, bomb-making material, etc.

So if you are engaging in this much-needed form of protest, remember to keep it peaceful and non-violent at all times and limit civil disobedience to obstruction on public property.

Leaders in Progressive Movements should be aware, if they aren't already, that the Oligarchy will do everything in its power to smear your character and plaster it all over the news. My best advice is to speak candidly about who you are and where you come from so that you can maintain control of the discussion about you and your motivations for taking action. If you have any "dirty laundry" that you think will discredit you or your movement, then pass the baton to someone else and be content to work behind the scenes.


No one to my knowledge ever gives up power voluntarily...not me, not you, and certainly not the damn corporate government.


Diveshoping. .Great remark, love it. Also, it proves that our government works for the oil companies. They own us. They do not have to pay taxes and receive tax substities. The fossil fuel industry is so greedy and short sighted, they care not one twit they are destroying the planet. They are too stupid to breathe and our government is made up of weak, stupid, greedy, self-centered bone heads who refuse to break ties with their money and work to save our planet. Mindless, the lot of them. We have to stop them and not allow a hand full of people destroy the rest of life on our planet. No wonder the world is gearing up against us and we are in for some very bad times according to some articles I have read.


If you had a choice between spying on citizens acting on behalf of their country and their planet, grandmothers, nuns, people who occasionally understand how to bake pretty good cookies... versus actual terrorists who carry real live scary guns, who would you rather spy on? I don't know about you, but I'd stick with the cookies.


"...peaceful protesters calling on their government to make a moral choice to save our climate..."

Moral. shmoral.

The richest industry in the history of money could not care less.


So why spy on these good people?




Let me rephrase that: The industry doesn't care what it takes to preserve its monopolistic privilege; if it chooses to pay people to infiltrate the climate movement, that's what they do to fulfill that task.


"Violent protestors, anarchists" are always FBI agents or snitches. If you ever talk to someone who advocates for any damage to people or property, you are talking to an agent or a snitch - a person paid for with your tax money.

This was going on long before Vietnam - going back to at least the strike breaking 'goons' hired by 19th century tycoons.

Their purpose is to discredit peaceful protestors in general, and provide excuses to put them down even more violently. All legitimate protest movements are careful to train their members in non-violence, and immediately reject anyone who speaks of violence. And you can be sure that all groups are infiltrated by government agents. Both sides understand this.

If you are ever at a protest and witness any sort of violence, try to get pictures of them both when they are damaging property or hurting people and also in unguarded moments - for later identification in court. If they approach you, run. They will not follow you very far. They work in groups of 2 - 3, have pre-assigned locations/routes and cannot split up.