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Follow John Lewis: Don't Let Trump Provoke Violence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/02/follow-john-lewis-dont-let-trump-provoke-violence


The Police State, the Corporate/Military State, must fall.

It serves not the people.

It serves only those who push it’s “Law and Order” nonsense.

Hate must be extinguished. Love and Peace must prevail.


Yes, trump and his handlers and R party want to provoke violence to ‘justify’ violent brutal repression by their ICE goons…

Yeah, the RP is a tool and arm of vulture capitalism, corporate fascism, security state, for-profit war and the 1%

The Democratic party and many of its politicians want to provoke do-little or nothing incrementalism, ignoring much violence of differing sorts.

The DP and DNC (and DLC) promoted steady-state lack of robust (or damn-near any) action since Clinton to Obama, on civil rights, universal NFP health care single-payer, restoration of progressive taxation of the uber-wealthy, corporate swindlers, and wall st transactions, ending oil-chemical conglomerate subsidies & pollution, promoting serious nation-wide voting rights and implementation, yada, yada.

The civil-rights movement and some leaders were often used, IMO, marginalized, paid lip-service, by especially the DP, to slow to a crawl any 'controversial/ political ‘mess’ - they rarely stood-up or really fought for anything to supplement, enhance or protect the Voting Rights Act, or New Deal programs, Universal and much more - witness the destruction by the depraved trumpenfuehrer - there has been some movement since the sixties but little to none arguably beginning with Clinton, but much collusion with R’Cons - IMO.


The ONLY potentially successful strategy the left of center protesters can apply at this point is to drop the issues they have been protesting until after November 3 and shift the focus of their demonstrations to focus to SAVING THE US POSTAL SERVICE (USPS) !

Many US voters are torn and/or burned out on the Police reform, BLM, etc. focus and those issue will enable Trump to gain traction with is goon squad raids. Demonstrators will find more broad based support, and see more progressive election results if thier demonstrations focus on Saving USPS. Trump and Moscow Mitch sending goons to harm citizens demonstrating to save USPS will look really bad to those suburban and elderly voters whom Trump is attempting to win over with his goon squad attacks on demonstrators.


It’s amazing. We’ve been met with disregard and violence by our own government many times throughout the centuries and it seems the majority of people advocate for non-violence. Why is that? And by choosing that route are we “the better” people or are we becoming the people who stood on the side lines later remorsefully questioning ourselves if a different approach would have been more effective fighting fascism. It’s more of a philosophical question and personally I’d go with Immanuel Kant’s ‘Categorical Imperative’. But at his time there was no Hitler, no Mussolini, and no Trump and his henchmen …

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Righteousness isn’t necessarily pretty.

If the world hadn’t confronted Hitler, where would the world be?

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Very true. I can go for that…

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We have lots of work to enroll the rest of America.

Not sure I’ll be around to see that Harry.

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Same here, PB. If it weren’t for the physical limitations old age brings with it I’d love to be more than just an “internet warrior”…

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Your limitations may still enable you to be very effective when the occasion arises Harry.

Don’t count yourself down and out quite yet.

A good man or woman is hard to find.

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Thanks,PB. My mind is very active and I realize despite it all I still have the rebel I’m me who never wanted to learn to accept authority at any price. And good so, I say…

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Same all-knowing, all-seeing, Clinton supporting Lewis that said: "I never saw" Sanders at civil rights events

See link below for Sanders’ involvement:

I say…“rational minds question authority.”

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Good idea that…because
“The violent images of this horrendous, unprovoked police brutality against peaceful protestors were broadcast on the national network news that night to over 60 million viewers, and outraged much of the nation. The images, when broadcast worldwide, also publicly shamed the United States on the world stage.” from the article

Sound like today does it ? We are we still fighting for the same rights 60 years later. Why have the people not seen the whittling away of our rights ?

Lewis was a hero of sorts back in they day, no doubt about it. But he ended up acquiescing to establishment politics and the crony capitalist system that itself is the very cause of systemic racism today. Yes, he continued to speak out for certain social justice issues, but he saw those issues in a vacuum, not in the larger context of the system that created and continues to create those injustices. If he did not earn the ire of his sold-out corporate-owned Democratic cronies – and he didn’t – he was not fighting hard enough or speaking out forcefully enough for the things that mattered. He ended up acting and thinking like a rich old white man. You can’t blend so seamlessly into the establishment Democratic Party as he did and be considered a progressive rebel of any sort. The damn Dems HATE us progressives, anybody who rocks the boat of the status quo of crony capitalism and American imperialism, as much as Republicans do.

As for peaceful protest…what a load of crap. The left has been advocating for peaceful protests for decades, and what has it achieved for us? Yes, certain strides were made, but in the end this rotten-to-the-core crony capitalist system, the war machine, and plutocracy have literally swallowed up those strides. And the people who created and support this system, this “great” America that they so arrogantly brag about, are not nice people who are going to listen to reason if we just play nice enough and “love” them enough. They hate everything we stand for, and if push comes to shove they will lock us up as terrorists or kill us outright rather than see America veer one centimeter leftwards, towards “socialism.”

wut, wut, wut… after all the rage da Trump a.k.a the god of outrage provoked, after all that he shouldn’t face a (progressive) upheaval or what the talking heads on the TV might call a „terrorist” upheaval?! oh boy when is enough, enough… nonviolence is the most idiotic concept i’ve ever encountered — please wait that was a lie, because a few years ago i’ve heared (!!!) of a concept from a famous PHD that claimed the planets sic are making natural selection among themselves hahahaha but seriously said paper does exist according to James Lovelock witch is by himself a famous hippie icon, however i usually don’t dive in the deep end of the pool of stupid things to find concepts like natural selection between planets to use 'em to limit my reasoning to the stupidest of things (a common practice among journalists) i therefore had to be honest about my „ceiling“ here — be this as it may the America’s obsession with nonviolence sorta blew things out of proportion and so i felt…

…its about time for a (slightly humorous) reality check.

what is nonviolence? nonviolence is a concept that exists within the realm of (progressive) politics, this defined my question at hand (fair enough) to dare a (suicidal) search for a simple answer that can savely pass the mmm gravity also works for all dudes in superman suits test hahaha 3, 2, 1 and my (suicide) mission launches… the concepts of say Ayurveda, Buddhism etc are obviously highly relevant for their users but are they quantifiable (or analyzable) by a scientific paper or rather a compiled empirical study thereof? the answer is a surprising yes however the problem with these sort of studies is that they almost always result in weak, inconclusive (or banal) findings — in terms of the scientific relevance banal, physics is king among the sciences and that’s how it is — my previous statement was supposed to be slightly humorous not academic be this as it may, a better explanation seemed only one paper away haha — the sort of paper that wouldn’t smoke Richard Dawkins brain — anyway i’d dare to say: the next conclusion is worthy of the name conclusion… any given scientific theory is only as good as its ability to make reliable predictions — that was accepted scientific canon err commonly accepted among PHDS witch is sorta the same — anyway looking at the canon and using its internal logic (to analize the concepts at hands) a fabulous new concept emerged: any given paper (about a political topic) is only as good as its ability to draw a conjecture given that the conjecture would need to be truthful hahaha… it’s so funny: i just imagined what might happen if somebody 'd dare to publish a single honest study about racism hahaha the (political) universe would collapse hahaha… however if my reasoning is correct then i already deducted the correct answer — i.e its almost impossible to reason about stuff like nonviolence for many reasons — it therefore stands to reason that reasoning built on sand — in the sense of a high pile of cross referenced papers about an explosive topic, say the R word — and so the house built on sand quickly becomes too complex to be understood by mere robots (or humans like me i.e ugly white dudes without education a.k.a the favorite target of the press).

either way i’d dare to claim: infinite complexity is NOT desired by arists and progressive writers… introspection, recursion (or even the slightest amount of deductive reasoning) are unnecessary for progressives des toutes les couleurs (2) — i observed this again and again for too many times (out in the wild) to believe otherwise i.e they 'd need to rip out my fingernails to „teach“ the „logic“ of it all — instead of using science skills the artists like to fly sky high (in the sky) and practice the mmm artist method while they are high on their literature witch is usually written or created by other artists that also were high on literature (or art) from other dead (and famous) artists… and so i deducted the mmm artist method quickly debases itself from reality and i am willing to risk the daring conjecture that only the maddest of men reason with identity artists (or the wake or cancel culture mob) i.e to reason with a practitioner of the mmm artist method is as unscientific as it goes and it therefore shouldn’t be practiced by teachers, witch are obviously in the target demographics of progressive politics — and thus bound to a few drops of science every now and then — either way reasoning based on the grounds of mmm art driven concepts haha to me it seemed like a waste of time but the academy never will acknowledge that, i therefore had to cook up a slightly elaborate (and needlessly long) text, sorry about that.

the (political) world is burning and so i eventually developed the feeling that wasting (everybody’s) time is wrong err sorta wrong…

…because as a (notoriously evil) white (racist) misogynistic baby eating monster i possibly cannot comprehend morality period. it’s a concept only the finest elites among the liberal elites can grasp — to counter the incurable problem of my immorality (as evil white dude) i quickly watched Obama’s recent „eulogy“ of John Lewis, it’s linked here (1) — and that „eulogy“ oh boy i truly thought me a lesson, after the first 10 seconds my eyes started to twitch, another 10 second later i was foaming with anger and another 10 secs later i was ready to burn my neighborhood hahahaha but that was an understatement because i couldn’t stand more than the first 20 seconds of Obumer’s „eulogy“!!! poor little John Lewis (who ever he was) i couldn’t help but wondering: what did he do, to deserve an „eulogy“ by Obumer? ahhh emotions it’s such a powerful experience.

anyway in the next comment i am going to ask myself what would Eric Hobsbawm think about (progressive) nonviolence?

2: the french proverb here might be a bit of a worry for the wake mob.

what would Eric Hobsbawm think about (progressive) nonviolence? how should i know this? but from Hobsbawm i’ve learned how to win an argument… up next Kuze vs the world (of identity politics)?

i’ve worked very hard to debunk the concepts the liberals use — liberalism as in the liberalism of the Economist magazine of course — but i eventually succeeded at the task plz note Zizek, Chomsky and many others didn’t get it, so this is no small feat… however the problem with identity politics is not what it seems to be.

the grand analytical problem the Economist magazine creates for all liberals — the capitalist love the thing, Bill Gates once said: i read it (the Economist magazine) front to back sic — the problem these illustrious (and all knowing elites haha) creates is that their supposed understanding of capitalism invokes a little thing called science… for example: nuclear physics (!!!) only because some nuclear physicist know how to make nuclear bombs doesn’t give them the right to deploy them (i.e drop them) and the same concept can be applied to the capitalism etc i.e the supposed understaning of the „market“ doesn’t turn into the right to rule the world.

even if the liberals from the NYT or say the Economist magazine 'd understood the „markets“ (and the world at large) as well as they want this wouldn’t give 'em the right to rule, the opposite is true… their systemic understanding of liberalism should (according to rules that apply to all physicist) only be used as advice for a third party — say the government that wants to regulate the „markets“ for the people — however the liberals do the very opposite: they tweak the system for the sake of the system and it’s notorious advocates a.k.a the one percenter…

…while their clearly is a moral issue here, it is the scientific problem that stands out!!! the described process further above creates a feed back loop (witch is systemically dangerous) in other words: the ignorant (liberal) masters of the system (and the world at large) are working 24/7 to create new bubbles, orgies of deregulations and the promotion of financial „inventions“ that make capitalism leaner and meaner as they say… the liberals optimize a systrm they don’t understand so that the billionaire, that don’t need more money, can accumulate more money they don’t need. this was a quick (and improvised) rendering of the insanity commonly called liberalism and its maddeningly mad masters have rationality written all over everything they ever wrote — since they turned the machine sometimes dubbed capitalism on.

the conclusion so far… the maddest of men a.k.a the liberal elites base their judgment (and power) on a empirical rationality they don’t have, and so they govern a system, from behind, with a highly irrational governing principle hahahaha… and then the liberals wonder when they stumble from catastrophe to catastrophe.

now it’s time for Kuze’s break down of identity politics.

The corporate media try to ignore the protests while Fox “News” hypes up that the protesters are all criminals----the real person who has created all this crap is Rupert Murdoch—through Fox “News” and the WSJ

This is all they talk about on Fox -----they are instigating a Civil War-----and it all comes from the Tory Murdoch.

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