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Follow John Lewis: Don't Let Trump Provoke Violence

my previous breakdown of liberalism already established the foundations for my break down of identity politics.

Chris Hedges is probably smarter than me, certainly a lot more educated than me — truth to be told, i didn’t even went to high school — however Chris Hedges’ systemic understanding of liberalism is worthless for anybody and so are his books sic, however Chris Hedges academic failings aren’t academic in nature… Chris Hedges seminal conclusion of his career — he dubbed it the Death of the liberal class — is at best a new spin of the underlaying problematic of a famous book called Manufacturing consent and at worst a insulting piece of historical revisionism sic… in other words progressive america is doomed to rush in circles because it’s own teachers are rushing in circles chasing their own indoctrination they learned at their elite colleges!!! it’s crazy.

it doesn’t matter whether or not Chris Hedges is a fat, ugly nonfemale angel — it matters whether or not his teachings are successful at fighting (or governing) Bill Gates, Major Bloomberg or the Silly con valley (1) well at least Mark Zuckerberg’s empire (a.k.a Facebook) was useful to proof the later i.e progressive america sadly has failed to govern the Silicon valley, a remarkably easy target for fans of big governance.

my teachings, my masters etc have (also) failed me — i.e the traditional left has failed too — but my cold hearted hate greatly helped me to face the violent reality… any given desire to rule the one percenter with reason or a rational (academic) confrontationt of say the oligarchs (or the Koch bros or both) is also violent…

…violence has many interesting facets but progressive america is mmm stupid and (obviously) spinning in circles, a rather big problem.

no black leader (or artist) could ever teach my anything and their ideas never had the impact they wanted to have — well the „white“ left at least used to have a impact — a needlessly brutal critic but from darkness comes light and from my darkest hate therefore shines the brightest light, now that was over the top but it’s also a little bit true… progressive america — a creation of the bourgeoisie — the progressive establishment treats her children (i.e african americans) like caddle sic and as the elites continue to celebrate the importance of the art (and leadership) of MLK, John Lewis etc — art that has no relevance — with their continued celebration of irrelevance they (i.e the progressive elites) also void their own children’s power to fight the power or rather their chances at finding their own unique way of making a difference, laying around and playing dead vegetables simply doesn’t count!!!

lets face it: no original black idea ever came out of famous african american arists or celebrities but plz wait a sec the same is also true for all „white“ arists!!!’ all famous „white“ artists, leaders etc are inversely proportional to their importance with exception of the baddies of course — i think this is also true for most scientist — anyway maybe i wasn’t emulating Hitler when i claimed: progressive america is treating her children like caddle sic
but my (seemingly) endless stream of insults aren’t racism they are emancipating — in the sense that i’ve tried to spot the naked king that stubbornly prevents the emancipation of black america, witch is important but also an artful euphemism — but i didn’t want to hide the brutal truth: progrssivism wants to keep the sheeple sheeple, to protect capitalism if i wouldn’t be the person that successfully debunked liberalism then i might’ve fallen for an easy answer that needs to be debunked asap.

1: if i say Silicon valley fast and for multiple consecutive times it sounds a lot like Silly con valley.

up next on my horror show: Starving children vs Hitler’s baby warriors, just kidding, i’ve saved my darkest topics for my letters to Slavoj Zizek — now that was a joke because i never heared of that guy hahaha — anyway plz don’t miss the ultimate show down…

…idendity politics vs the unteachable lunatics that celebrate the irrelevant teachings of history — the very history the liberals declared as obsolete err not obsolete for everybody, Yuval Harari will be allowed to teach „history“ in the future of the robots that need a history hahaha — or maybe it’s the alarming sign that identity politics won it all (!!!) Obumer, Oprah and Michele are the new revolution nooo it can’t be nooo, it cant be sombody needs to get me outa here hahaha the irony, well i already got the message, for me its about time to leave cd behind me but one last time i wanted to give it a try: my futile endeavor of debunking identity politics it had to be done because Obumer’s „eulogy“ of John Lewis sucked so hard!!!

there got to be a limit to the amount of bull Obumer can give to the world.

before i am going to KILL identity politics (with my next comment) i totally wanted to present an alternative or rather a cure for all the worlds problems, now that was over the top…

…but my paradigm change is the best solution — for way too many problems to succeed at the impossible task of a humbling presentation — my seemingly absurd statements, so far, rise many question e.g why does nobody care about my brilliant solutions!!! the answer to this is surprisingly simple: statistics. seriously statistics. allow me to demonstrate: if i would present my solutions to say, the british Guardian — wich has been dubbed Bill Gates’ personal toilet — then Alan Rusbridger (or his successor) would be flown in to consult with Bill Gates and the other Silly con valley billionaire to decide whether or not my solutions are acceptable for them and i’d reason that the probability of succeeding, at such a pointless endeavor is too close to zero — to give it a shot with both eyes closed hahaha — however if i could replay my described mission a few million replays it might succeed, however the system has many lines of defense and some of them are very smart (or rather a lot smarter than it seems) its also the very reason why the system can’t be dominated with the arrogance and hubris of the artist or journo circus.

the depressing caveat of all system change operations is that the system developed a immunity to all art based attacks!!! directaction or nonviolent sitins at Princeton won’t suffice to overthrow the system witch is sorta obvious…

…however my science based attacks (on the system) could succeed where all other attacks failed, namely at bypassing the system’s secondary line of defense commonly called the press right after the (!!!) resistance secretly snuk behind the primary line of defense.

the people wanted to KILL the king but gradually a new king emerged and that king is called economics — BTW fighting economics automatically fights the system’s primary line of defense — however the best thing about fighting economics is that it unites the relevant factions while it keeps the gatekeeper out of the party (thus kissing the zeroth line of defense goodbye).

plz admit it, my solutions don’t sound like the usual raaah, raaah, raaah, raaah, raaah… couldn’t this be a sign that my ideas are fresh? and new things have quite a few interesting properties. interesting indeed.

Man, I wanna be on what you’re on.
What a trip…

sorry for the comments above…

…the text is way too dense and hardly accessible, however my comments above make sense if the reader reads it properly haha just kidding, but seriously if the reader understands liberalism (like it used to be understood) then my comments actually would make sense, but plz never mind that.

either way the comments further above were meant as a interlude the reader can skip over to go straight to the main event dubbed gender and identity politics, debunked? but then my AAA rated main event got delayed again and again just like all AAA rated games.

i thought i can do the job in one night hahaha silly me, silly me… but seriously after three long nights i succeed at an impossible task.

I didn’t mean to be critical. As a matter of fact my response to you was meant supportive of your views.

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after Obumer’s „eulogy“ of John Lewis after that identity politics reached a new low… there were various different threads on cd so i started to work on the newest…

…and here it comes the conclusion (for my other comments on this thread) after the „eulogy“ of John Lewis somebody had to do the job and debunk identity politics once and for all!!! plz allow me to explain how i debunked what cannot be debunked!!!

identity politics by itself cannot be debunked (in a public space) as long as the liberal elites keep on protecting it, plz allow me to demonstrate… yes i can debunk the firewall around identity politics i.e liberalism, economics etc — as i’ve demonstrated in the comments further above — but it doesn’t matter because the resulting work (be it mine or anybody elses) won’t be broadcasted anywhere and so the „truth“ that happens to be debunked will continue to life on as fraudulent truth, however the firewall around identity politics won’t hold forever… the system and the literature to „educate“ its maintainers — BTW this literature also „educates“ liberals like Chris Hedges — stand in the same relationship as the bible stands with the catholic church and history therefore teaches how to do the job i.e not the bible went away the church went away, i called it concept 666… and concept 666 can also by applied to the firewall around identity politics i.e in order to debunk the firewall (that protect identity politics) not the literature (to „educate“ journalists, economist and so on) needs to be burned, instead the system needs to be overthrown. i already did the home work for progressive america and synthesized concept 666 into a fool proof principle…

…debating the internal logic of the literature that „educates“ the maintainer of the system is a total waste of time.

here i removed a few paragraphs that contemplated the implications concept 666 might have for the historic left because this is exactly what happened: the left was written out of the history books.

what actually was the left, before it was written out of the history books? how should i know, if it was written out of the history book? haha but seriously the left (also) used to struggle bravely against the notorious elites that recklessly promoted the interest of the capitalist elites…

…the progressive leaders never did that and they didn’t fail at failing either (this wasn’t a typo) they failed to spot the liberal elites i.e thy enemy, what makes matters worse is that the progressive elites often pick up positions — that came straight out of, say, the NYT — and take peoples eyes with ideas that were meant to do just that… again and again i 've seen Democracynow, Noam Chomsky and many others as they take peoples eyes with the positions of the liberal elites, the excuses why it happened or Amy Goodman’s side of the story, all of these excuses they just don’t matter. for certain things there are no excuses.

the depressing conclusion so far… the progressive leadership is incapable of fighting capitalism instead it constantly „succeeds“ at the converse: they fight the Americans (and the world at large) with the agenda items of the liberal elites.

now to my promised debunking of identity politics… if the scenario i’ve described here is true then what does it mean for identity politics? whatever relevance it ever had, it sure is a goner by now… if the toxic process i 've described as taking peoples eyes would be a bucket full of acid, then how many identity politics drops of soap equivalents go into da bucket? exactly zero. it’s neither an exaggeration nor a joke it’s the exact result. zero.

i think there is a lesson to be learned here… america desperately needs a resistance. lets call it the resistance.