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'Follow the Facts': Top Dem Demands Independent Trump-Russia Commission


'Follow the Facts': Top Dem Demands Independent Trump-Russia Commission

Jon Queally, staff writer

Matching a growing popular demand, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee on Saturday urged Congress to create an independent commission to investigate the possible role that members of President Donald Trump's campaign or transition teams may have had with alleged Russian interference in last year's presidential election.


So far no documented proof, but if is it is proved that Trump knew and allowed Russian interference in the last election; that is treason and should be grounds for impeachment and indictment.


This is shaping up to be the Dems Benghazi. There's no there, there and they are wasting time and giving the Pumpkin Fuhrer cover to destroy what's left of our democracy. We wouldn't be in this mess had the Dems not sabotaged Bernie. “Fascism is a result of the failure of the left to provide an alternative” - Leon Trotsky


Naturally Schiff and the rest of the corporatist Dems are doubling down on the Russia hysteria. This is the technique that magicians use so effectively--misdirection.

Because if the Dems can't keep the Russia hysteria going, voters might start demanding that the Dems take advantage of this ideal moment to mount a full court press for Medicare for All.


Schiff "seems" so sincere and reasonable, until he uses hyperbole in describing "weaponized" intelligence- as if actual bloodshed has occurred! How hypocritical, after Hilary's guffaws over the bloodshed at Bengazi and the murder of Libya's president, on her watch as Secretary of State.

Someone should tell the political opportunist and suck-up Schiff that the bloody mess at the DNC comes from shooting themselves in the feet- failing an election that was their's to lose. Russia is, indeed, a problem- but the Dems need to suck-it-up and let the people lead the party back to relevance.

(I am most certainly not crying about "controlled opposition and Hillary endorser," the wolf-in-sheep's-clothing, Bernie Sanders.)


So an investigation which will rely on information from the CIA? Sure, you betcha--that's the ticket.

This whole witch hunt is becoming a farce and reminds me of the witch trial scene from Monty Python's Holy Grail.


When you're running over to the White House to tip off the person, and his handlers, about the scope of an investigation he's the subject of, it does make things more murky.
What all this points to, in the end, is the abject failure of our political campaigns and our byzantine election laws. Which goes to the Congress and the SCOTUS, ultimately.
Remember Paul Weyrich and his " goo goo gov't " speech. It was reactionary, racist, homophobic, pseudo-evangelical elitist and a pure product of Conservative & Republican main stream political philosophy. Which sounds like a prescription for making deals with the devil or with foreign oligarchs and international criminals. If your goal is to destroy the federal government because you think it's overreaching and too intrusive, then linking up with Russians, Chinese, Saudis, Israelis, drug cartels or even traitors isn't out of the realm of plausibility. With this group you never know because, as Malcolm X said, " America's only true god is money ".
We shall see, as the plot thickens, the characters are more fully developed and the revisions are being re-written weekly.


Trotsky the best you can do?


Man, talk about bearing your head up the orange guy's butt.


The blood over 10 Russians has been spilled . . with threads to this scandal.


I too have long suspected this narrative is nothing but a ruse by elements of the Deep State to impeach Trump or force him to resign. I say "elements of" because Trump and his appointees represent part of the Deep State also. It is more than a little troubling how many liberals are willing to join in this inquisition, sans evidence. One of the problems with our system is there is never a consequence for manufacturing scandals in DC, witness the idiocy that surrounded Obama over his birth certificate, and Benghazi. The corporate media and liberal pundits and pols have essentially propagandized the masses to believe "Russia hacked the election" when there is not a scintilla of evidence to support the claim. It is not dissimilar to the technique used by W. Bush prior to his criminal invasion of Iraq, whereby he repeatedly associated Saddam Hussein with 9/11, so that even though he never exactly claimed Saddam was behind it, millions of people ended up believing he was, and therefore were more prepared to accept the illegal act of war.


See also:


There is evidence that Russia messed in the election.
Plus Trump publicly invited them.


Murky? It's down-right obstruction of justice as far as I see it. I can't believe Schiff isn't demanding that he be removed from the committee. You should never tell the people that are being investigated what info you have on them, otherwise 1) it gives them time to cover their tracks, 2) they clam up and you won't get anymore info from them or 3) they have time to spin things and go on the offense making things appear different than they really are. It really ticks me off that the Dems are pussy footing around on this. They should be making a "Yuuge" deal out of it and getting the public and press to rally around with them to investigate this for what it is.


The Trotsky quote is dead on and to the point.


True. But, it works so well with U.S. policing agencies and their mobster/organized crime buddies, why would you mess with a successful formula, now? " If it ain't broke, don't fix it " has given us the greatest political economy money can buy. And, additionally, kept the white collar criminals among us out of our overcrowded federal prison system. So, there's that, too.:wink:


Please provide said "evidence" then, as after 9 months of fishing, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, NPR, et al still haven't come up with anything beyond endlessly repeated insinuation. And one needs proof, when the charge amounts to treason. Insinuation isn't enough. Even Obama's outgoing inquiry concluded there was no direct proof.


Hey! If you've got evidence please share it!
Contact Peter Schiff immediately!
He'd love to hear about it!
As would we!!


Malcolm X was ahead of his time.


I disagree with Trotsky.

Fascism is a result of man's penchant for abusing power and influence, and soon marrying government and industry, for personal gain.