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'Follow the Money' Back With a Vengeance: Novartis Reportedly Paid Michael Cohen $1.2 Million After He 'Promised Access' to Trump


'Follow the Money' Back With a Vengeance: Novartis Reportedly Paid Michael Cohen $1.2 Million After He 'Promised Access' to Trump

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Cohen promised access to not just Trump, but also the circle around him. It was almost as if we were hiring him as a lobbyist."


wow, just wow. Just when I thought the Cohen meme couldn’t get worse. If this doesn’t become a very high profile, very criminal trial, very quickly IMO there is no hope for us.


One would think something like this was corrupt…illegal even.


You are right LadyK, We are way too far down the rabbit hole to ever hope of finding a way back. We are entering a new dark age and America is ushering it in.


Thanks for restating my sentiment so eloquently!


Does anyone know specifically what law(s) are clearly broken here?


Giving money is legal. Receiving money for nothing is legal. Impeach Trump.


Well the pot is coming to a good boil now.

Schneiderman shot from his saddle, in the back no less, didn’t even see it coming.
Wow… 2 hours to take out the NY AG…is that a record.

But of course it has nothing to do with the Trump investigation.
One less Knight on the board.
Wonder who is taking over those NY cases to support ol Meuller at the state level.

And low and behold, and I mean LOW…Cohen is Pimping out the Prez.
Like on Facebook, EVERYONE who is Anyone, Knows the going Rate.

It’s like…

“Well Mr Trump, we already know WHAT you are, we are just Negotiating Price.”


Wow, this parasite has been very busy, hasn’t he? His past jobs and the way he made his money should be a good indication of what a pos he is and why he works (for the time being) for Trump…


CORRUPTION?! Trump is worst than any other president I can remember in my lifetime on the issue of corruption,favoritism, bribe money, etc… Even worst than Nixon!!! He needs to be impeached out of office. I’ll furnish the rotten peaches!!!


Capitalism must grow faster and faster. It is a form of government that uses representative democracy as an opiate for the masses.

Representative democracy does not work. Forget every issue but the pollution in every cell of your body. Sure, corporations saved money and pumped pollution into air, water and land. Representative democracies facilitated corporate free lunch rip-off of nature and every living cell as a chemical pollution dump.

Autonomous democracy outside of government can plug into accelerating evolution. Imagine, for example, if Greece had kept voting outside the failed government. Perhaps Barcelona can, simply start voting outside government and focus distributed intelligence on an autonomous democracy manifesto.


US Law, polluted by corruption…


Rod Blagojevich went to prison for selling quid pro quo influence.

Trump and Cohen are next in the dock.


The golden calf is live and living on Trump’s head


How about the laws of ethics/morals?


Planet Earth 101:

You have a family and you need to make a living. You start a company. You need resources to run the company.

In case anyone missed the news, resources, along with habitat, are collapsing.

People get desperate and will say and do anything to get to the resources to feed their families, and to buy their families neat stuff.

While this is happening the population continues to grow at three additional people per second on the planet.

Resources continue to grow scarce, habitat continues to collapse as this multiplies.

People grow more desperate. People say anything, do anything to keep their company going to feed their families so they can go shopping and buy neat stuff. Then, just because they think they should, people have more children.

And around and around we go.

But let’s talk about anything, literally, besides habitat overshoot and the limits to growth. If only rich people would stop being so corrupt, if only capitalism didn’t exist, if only we had more guns, fewer guns, more religion, less religion, more jobs, less homosexuals, more Christians, more Muslims, more Marx, less taxes, more education, then the world will be perfect.

Meanwhile the ice caps are melting and record temperatures persists. Millions of refugees run for safety as agriculture collapses and wars grow worse. Clean water is running out around the world.

But hey, have more kids. Go shopping. If only…


This is the result of a country that has a completely corporate-dominated political system, thanks in most part, most recently to Citizens United and a corrupt right-wing dominated Supreme Court.


Right now, MSNBC from Chris Hayes to Lawrence O’Donnell has legal experts on their shows discussing all the possible illegality of this nightmare issue. It’s interesting and scary because it appears the depth of 45s corruption is a blackhole that 10 Muellers will be needed to sort it all out.


Polluted by way too much money in politics, polluted by corrupt corporations. This is the history of our country and political system. Greedy, rich, white men pulling the strings of control over our society and government.

People, we can’t stand by and not vote these corrupt aholes out of power. Rethugs don’t want you to vote. Screw them.


Mountainmike, you nailed it. Very true.