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Follow the Money: On Gun TV (Really) and the Tailwinds of Profitability


Follow the Money: On Gun TV (Really) and the Tailwinds of Profitability

Blood on America's tracks, and more evidence it leads right to grisly profits. The NRA paid nine lawmakers over $22 million to leave them alone; behind closed doors, gun manufacturers admit the Newtown's small bodies and other slaughters have sparked more gun sales and profits - cue the cursory “obviously we are all shocked” but they gotta “respond to market pressures” - and the Shopping Channel's new Gun TV will sell more. But not to worry: Every hour of hawking guns will include three minutes of safety training.


Is that red-shirted family all Chavistas back from voting?


The earliest gun control advocates, back around 1900, were racist white people who were afraid that blacks would get guns. You'd do well if you guessed that those early gun control advocates were conservatives. I bet conservatives today are hating that their predecessors got the gun control ball rolling in the first place, assuming that conservatives of today are capable of looking that far back into history. The gang violence of alcohol prohibition really spurred gun control into the national dialogue. IMO, gun violence is a symptom of other problems in society.


Guns do kill people. When toddlers get a hold of unsecured guns in the home, death and mayhem often result. This happens on a regular basis in this gun saturated country.
Or this one, when a gun fell out of a man's holster at a Cracker Barrel.


Gun violence is a symptom of too many guns in the hands of too many stupid, clueless and irresponsible people. And that's in addition to the guns owned by thugs, criminals, the insane, the deranged and assorted hate groups.


Stupidity, fear, macho, profit (for the NRA), racial prejudice


They should build a big high wall between Canada and the USA and Donald trump should pay for it.


That is a daft comment.


That map, presumably of gun ownership, showing massive gun ownership on the eastern seaboard of the USA , proves that most USAians are still frightened of being re-invaded by the British. Washington is now clearly well-defended. The map also shows that the northern daggers pointed at the heart of northern central USA, the Great Lakes, are no longer safely accessible by our Royal Navy and its Marines who can no longer infiltrate the USA from Canada. USAian gun ownership is certainly keeping tyranny at bay.

I hadn't realised 1812 had proved so traumatic.


It probably more closely reflects the number of peoples of Color living in the area against whom the white population feels the need to arm themselves against.


It was the red shirts that I noticed, I wasn't thinking of the guns. In the US - contrary, as always, to the rest of the planet, they very cleverly made red the color of the right wing and blue the color of the left - or pseudo-left anyway.


We are taught that we won the war of 1812 over here (and down here south of the 49th).


Ah such an enlightened ammographic, culturally speaking. Wake me from this right wing nightmare.


Kind of an ignorant comment actually, considering how many good people live here.


And here is me thinking that USAians buy hordes of guns to protect their freedoms from tyranny....... As we Brits were the last tyrannical mob to have invaded the USA, you may understand my reasoning.


You probably did; after we had burnt Washington and had prevented hordes of USAian gun-owners from taking over Canada........The key thing about organising a war in a country where the mass of the population doesn't want you is to do the precise amount of mayhem necessary to make your point and then leave as quickly as possible. A lesson the USA should have learnt in 1783 but has failed to do so, to the detriment of millions of people in SE Asia and the Middle East/ Afghanistan and its own self.


Pardon my confusion.... but wasn't Chavez regarded as a tad left of the USAian centre?


Well one of the things they did in the USA when they broke away from the Empire , was to begin changing the meaning of words in that language,

Freedom TO tyrannize became freedom FROM tyranny. This uniquely "American Value" a word US Presidents like to use a lot is applied to the peoples at home and abroad.


Your flippant remark is still ignorant my dear – sans the qualification "kind of" – as the insinuation was as broad based as any typical racist remark can be. No, I didn't just call your remark racist.

I'm the last person that needs to be lectured about what is happening in the land of US Empire. Check my comment history for proof of that fact.

I've been here for over half a century and damn it's amazing, I've yet to encounter anyone carrying a gun openly except for our militarized police.

If you wish to have a qualified response, then make a qualified remark in the first place, dear.