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Follow the Money: They Say It Was About Russian Orphans. They’re Lying


Follow the Money: They Say It Was About Russian Orphans. They’re Lying.

Steven Harper

Another Trump cover-up collapses. Like its predecessors, it involves Russia. Also like its predecessors, Trump is at the center. People lie for a reason. What was Trump’s reason this time?


The essay’s title feels like it was massaged by an image consultant’s advice - "Try to insert ‘Trump Lies’ in as many places as possible.

Look, we all know Trump lies. It’s what pretty much all politicians, the 0.01%, and neoliberal economists do. The problem with this tactic is that everyone (at least my friends) who reads that headline also say to themselves “Yeah, so? Hillary lied too!”. It doesn’t really help your cause, Mr. Harper.

The important fact that people need to be aware of is that whenever some politician or minion or lobbyist says “Russian Adoption”, it’s code for “Repealing the Magnitsky Act”.


For an adjunct Professor at Northwestern University to willfully, or worse yet, inadvertently, ignore contrary facts and interpretations, in an essay of such importance, shows a lack of scholarly objectivity in a search for the truth. Here are a few examples of contrary points of view, poins of view, by established investigative journalists and writers, based on fact, and logic. To choose the Magnitsky Affair as a means of resurrecting Russia-gate is grasping at straws. Russia-gate–no there there, now or in the past.




Follow the Money?  That’s what several people – my insignificant self included – having been saying for many months.  Whether the Russkies leaked Krooked Hilliary’s e-mails or it was an inside job, whether members of Tweetle-Dumb’s family met with the Russkies to get help winning the election or just to add a few more million to their money-laundering profits, it’s looking more and more likely that Junior & Jared – and probably Tweetle himself – have been engaged for years in some very nefarious financial deals and are in violation of far more serious laws than just the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

IMHO, Tweetle-Dumb’s ego has finally gotten him the attention he deserves.  If he had stayed under his rock and hadn’t run for president his lawyers could probably have protected him from New York’s Attorney General for years, but now he’s in the national spotlight – and with many more enemies than he had three years ago . . .


Trump wanted to end the Cold War. He needs to be burned at the stake for this heresy.
The business of the USA is war, nothing is more important.
The Empire needs ENEMIES.
The sheeple are fleeced as usual.
Funny how Trump is so much worse than Nixon Johnson and Junior Bush NOT


You have boring friends. So do they.


CD should ban anyone who uses the word sheeple. Pro trumper or not.


Welcome to the human race.


Grand of you.