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Following Attack, Corbyn Leads Call to Unveil Saudi Role in Fueling Extremism


Following Attack, Corbyn Leads Call to Unveil Saudi Role in Fueling Extremism

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Two days following the terrorist attacks in London and three days before the culmination of what has become an unexpectedly competitive election, several U.K. political leaders are demanding that a government study reportedly implicating Saudi Arabia in the spread of violent extremism be made public.


An end to the sale of Arms to Saudi Arabia. What a concept.

If Saudi Arabia could not buy Arms from the U.K. or the U.S., would they then purchase them from Russia, or China?


Corbin's call should include the bankers (Bank of England?) that profit from lending to warring parties.

Direct Democracy


Yes, and someone should remind the Saudi King and Princes that the Koran clearly states that borrowing or lending money is regarded as a abomination in the eyes of Allah and the penalty of doing so is death by beheading...


Leftist, nowhere in the Quran or the prophetic traditions is there any reference to what you're claiming. According to the teachings of both the Quran and the prophetic traditions, borrowing is discouraged, yet allowed if it's necessary.


I asked the same question.
The other question to ask is "who will Saudi Arabia sell their oil to and at what price?"
Saudi Arabia has the developed world by the balls on that one.


Hell I'd rather buy oil from Russia as the Saudi government is run by criminals as is ours.


Is there anyone out there in the FF industry who isn't a criminal?


Most of the line workers are not criminals.


Do you really think the future generations will see it that way?


If they have any critical thinking skills. Would you say the same about coal miners?


I would also place my self in with the criminals being a ff consumer myself.
Do you have that level of humility and honesty?
However, I did get a wood stove installed in my house to reduce my consumption of grid energy and that did make a huge effect.


" The Saudis spreading money around our honorable politicians, lavishiing gifts and offering perks of all kinds to influence them, is shocking. If this report is true, as we believe it is, The House of Saud will need to cough up at least $20 Billion pounds sterling, in non-sequential notes and delivered to the back door of No.10 Downing Street, to assure it never sees the light of day ".
Prime Minister May's official response to the charges that the Conservative government she leads, is refusing to release a MI6 report, showing quite clearly what everyone in Great Britain already knows: the gov't of Saudi Arabia and those families connected to The House of Saud are batshit crazy religious fanatics with a seriously warped interpretation of Islam. That reactionary interpretation of Koran teachings is called Wahabiism, but could also just be labeled Super-Rich Islamic Fanatics With Dangerous Intentions.
Of course, anyone paying attention to the MENA for at least the last 40 years, already knew this.
Thank your lucky stars this only happens in countries like Great Britain and Israel and, not the good ol' U.S. of A.


This photo accompanying the article should be blown up to poster size and used by Labour for campaign material with the words: "May and Trump Love the Saudis."


When all the world's energy is renewable, we can tell the Saudis to EAT their oil until they become a democracy.


What he may have been thinking about is the fact that charging interest on a loan is forbidden.


I dunno, I've often thought that the Southern Baptists here are our domestic Wahabis. "Iff'n ya don't believe as we believe, an' do as we say, your goin' to Hell, and we'd like to help ya get there."
* Not all Southern Baptists, of course, but enough to definitely attract people's attention.


Saudis are stupid and rich, they are persuaded to buy British, American and Israeli made weapons in the tune of 100's of billions every year. The elite both in the UK and the US own majority stock in the weapons industry. The government in the service of the elites extracts from the working class in the form of taxation to pay for weapons. The government working for the elites terrorize the people into surrendering their social benefits and their freedoms in exchange for government "protection". However the protection is only in name because the same government terrorizes the citizenry at home while at the same time financially supports and trains what they call their "assets". These assets include ISIS, Al Qaeda like terrorist organizations designed to conduct terror abroad to further the control of assets of global corporations and wealthy individuals who own majority stocks in large government contract businesses, I think!


There indeed is, the Koran strictly prohibits charging of interest, the wealthy are obligated to pay taxes on their assets and gold.