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Following Bannon's Lead, Trump Goes Cannibal on 'Total Joke' Koch Brothers—Fellow Billionaires 'With Bad Ideas'


Following Bannon's Lead, Trump Goes Cannibal on 'Total Joke' Koch Brothers—Fellow Billionaires 'With Bad Ideas'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Following the lead of his former top political advisor Steve Bannon—who earlier this week told billionaire right-wingers Charles and David Koch to "shut up and get with the program"—President Donald Trump went after the billionaire industrialists (and major GOP donors) on Tuesday morning by calling them a "total joke in Republican circles" and declaring that he never sought "their money or bad ideas."


Chump twit sez: “Their network is highly overrated, I have beaten them at every turn.”

Hmm. Sounds like the prelude to scheduling of a Trump-Koch summit.


Trump was a meager millionaire before he became president and used this office for his personal gain to become a billionaire. On this fact alone, he should be locked up!


Koch brothers a failure? Read “Democracy in Chains” and you’ll immediately see how Charles and his ideological libertarian army have used his money and their diabolically concealed campaign over several decades to protect the wealthy and powerful from the threat of democracy. How dare the masses have any say in their right to do as they wish?

I would guess that the Kochs couldn’t be happier with Trump and vice versa. They’re gunning for a constitutional convention where they can cement in place processes that will “forever” prevent the masses from having the power to inconvenience them.


And my guess would be that at least half of the “masses” will wholeheartedly support the changes because they believe that it will affect not them, but only those whom they despise.


Heard one of them is sick…, can all his money keep him alive forever? Hope not. Now give it to the other brother…


I wouldn’t make too much of this. When the chips are down, these types, to borrow from Capt. Jack Sparrow, will “keep to the code,” like the thieving cutthroats they are.


Do we really have to give these low-lifes due process?


Bluster (on Trump’s part). He’s doing all he can to make the Koch Bros happy.

White House Plans Bold Move on Taxes
Treasury might change how capital gains are figured, benefiting wealthiest Americans

The wealthiest Americans may be getting some good news on taxes from a big shift under consideration by the Treasury Department. The change would affect how capital gains taxes are figured in regard to inflation, with the upshot being that the amount owed to the government would be less, reports the New York Times. The example used by the newspaper: If someone bought a stock for $100,000 in 1980 and sold it for $1 million today, they’d pay taxes on the profit of $900,000. Under the change, the initial price would be adjusted for inflation and raised to $300,000, reducing the profit and saving the investor about $40,000 in taxes. The other controversial aspect of the change is that Treasury is considering doing this under its own power, instead of through Congress.

If it can’t get done through a legislation process, we will look at what tools at Treasury we have to do it on our own and we’ll consider that,” says Treasury chief Steven Mnuchin.


I’m sure the Koch brothers are just shaking in their boots.


Nonsense…they buy people to shake for them! :wink: