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Following Death of Trumpcare, 'Now It's Time for Medicare for All'


Following Death of Trumpcare, 'Now It's Time for Medicare for All'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The last-ditch effort by Senate Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act was defeated in the early hours of Friday morning, dealing a "humiliating" blow to President Donald Trump and the GOP and sparking jubilant celebration among those who have marched, called their representatives, and risked arrest for months to ensure Trumpcare's demise.


The atrocity of the overtly corporate/fascist “bad-cop” GOP right has for the moment been stalled - only stalled, not defeated - now the coming “bi-partisan” collusion with the Democratic “good-cop” that also serves vulture capitalism, must be defeated.

The struggle for universal single-payer not-for-profit health care must now become the focus. As with all of the targets of vulture-capitalism that use the 99% as wage, tax, and interest slaves to increase the obscene wealth of the few, any BS “bipartisanship” is the enemy. The Democratic Party establishment is as corrupt, dedicated to, and slavish in their support and service to big-money corporate/capitalist power and influence as R"Cons - they are perhaps the greater threat because they lull us into some deep political sleep as they talk or give just enough to keep millions out of the streets but still serve and defend and empower the parasite oligarchy - like the for-profit ACA, maintain lower taxation of the obscenely wealthy, and maintain/support the for-profit war-machine/death-machine.

To allow health care or education, infrastructure, or any other civilian endeavor to remain or become a profit-based theft, or environmental rape/pollution to enrich a few, or the MICC to steal/divert civilian resources to slaughter other people, or continuing to ignore MMGW, must be fought as if our lives depend on it…


Just one quibble. It’s just capitalism that’s the problem! There is no good capitalism. If you mean capitalism by vulture capitalism, then fine.


Like the election that placed Trump in power showed how utterly broken the Democratic Party is, the healthcare vote shows how irretrievably broken the GOP is. Obamacare was basically a Republican plan to begin with, and they are truly pissed that he took their plan (as are many on these pages, myself included). They can’t get their skinny minds to look outside the very small box they have created for themselves. After all these years of the House passing repeal bills, I am quite delighted in their very public humiliation. It really is interesting to watch them squirm when they too know the solution is Medicare for All, but god forbid American taxpayers take care of our own with a single-payer plan. Republicans only embrace that idea when it comes to the military.


“now the coming “bi-partisan” collusion with the Democratic “good-cop” that also serves vulture capitalism, must be defeated.”

Yep, what is going to happen next is the Republicans are going to target some right wing Democrats, well, most of them are right wing by Western standards, but really right wing, and they’ll work with them to get enough votes to pass some horrible bill. When that happens, they can call it “bipartisan”. As if party affiliation matters more than the fact that there isn’t tons separating right wing Democrats from Republicans ideologically.

No chance they allow Medicare to negotiate down drug prices, change our highly protectionist intellectual property rights regime in regards to medicine, and no chance they at least lower the age limit of people entering Medicare, or expand traditional Medicare. So, they have no solutions.

The idea that you can work and compromise with people so willing to throw millions off of healthcare and so willing to blow the system up is comical. Single payer advocates, people that support the most popular policy position, will not be part of the conversation, and if rotten people like McConnell are, the system will be made worse in some way. The system itself needs to be structurally changed and those defending it need to be confronted. Enough with the show.


Short of sequestering Congressional Democrats into a twelve step program to kick corporate money addiction there is no way Democrats will help the single payer Medicare for All cause.


Yes, it is time. Problem is you’ll need a political vehicle to get this done. It clearly isn’t going to be either of the two approved parties.


This was a tremendous political victory for the Trump resistance. To get three Republicans not to go along with this minimized repeal was quite an achievement. After all, the Republicans expected to ram through a full Obamacare repeal back in January. There is nothing like victory such as this to strengthen the resistance and make people believe that they really can make a difference. Repeal of Obamacare still remains number one on the list of many Republicans and especially the Tea Party which grew into a power by fighting Obamacare so I would expect that the repeal effort will not end. This victory by the resistance should pay dividends when it comes to the battle over the budget and stopping drastic cuts in important programs to give tremendous tax cuts to the rich.


As horrible and ‘mean’ as this process has been, it has also been a source of amusement - well, at least now that it’s over for now. These ‘legislators’ have reminded me of slap-stick clown comedy from my childhood, everybody tripping over their own feet and each others and running around in confusion.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the Repugs would just come clean? ‘Gee, people, we really don’t know what we’re doing here. We will step back, think it through, and come back when we have something reasonable.’ They could even mimic the Orange Clown and admit that ‘they didn’t know health care would be this hard.’

But no. They’d rather make fools of themselves by running around like headless chickens. Cluck!


Yes, it is a sort of victory, and one we should mark, but it is sad to live in a country where the “victories” are all preventing a larger nightmare from enveloping us. We need to move on and demand Medicare-for-All, and make that the litmus test for any and all candidates to federal office. If you’re not unequivocally for joining the rest of the civilized world and ‘promoting the general welfare’ by providing all citizens with access to health care, then you don’t get our vote. Period.


While true, these immoral people won’t stop trying to destroy everything, what this debate showed was that they have no solutions. It is one thing to blather on about ideological nonsense on AM radio stations no one outside of old white men listen to, to scream about the evils of government, and the horrors of the ACA. It is another thing to actually put in place policies that can be shown to be better than the ACA. The ACA is horribly flawed, it isn’t sustainable, and yet it was heads and shoulders better than anything they could come up with. The truth is that no solutions can be found by moving to the right and the Tea Party nuts are too small to hold up to this reality, provided that an opposition party worth a damn emerges to truly confront them. They were finally put in a position to implement their ideas and the country responded with revulsion. I am sure if you were in Europe during the plague that the plague would poll as well as their “healthcare bill”. They’re swimming against the tide, and since their base is old, the Tea Party as a national political force will go the way of the dodo in a few decades, unless the right wing can simply dispense with democracy, or unless the only thing stopping them is an opposition party as bad as the modern Democratic Party. The funny thing is, since they have to this point failed, the victims of their policies (largely, their supporters) were shielded from what the actual impact of their policies would have been. So, to the small group of people that make up their base, they can go on living in their little bubble.


It’s going to take another election cycle, or two, or three or however long it takes to remove enough dead wood from Congress before Medicare for All becomes politically feasible. Until then, the Obama/Clinton Dems will fight vigorously to further entrench their industry friendly Obamacare, which may, in fact, make it tougher to install Medicare for All down the road.


I know, right? Cluelessness squared. Cluck-cluck…cluck-cluck.


My biggest fear. Bi-partisan compromise used to camouflage further rightward drift.


From the report:
“Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine), Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), and John McCain (R-Ariz.) defected from their party to vote down the so-called “skinny repeal” effort”

It would be superb if McCain would give a clear press release denouncing the whole effort and calling for a more compassionate health care system.

And if Murkowski would denounce the whole Trump administration and their intimidation efforts.

We need people everywhere to stand up and speak out.


Better yet, sit in and refuse to budge…MEDICARE FOR ALL…Now!!!:mask::mask::mask::mask::mask::mask::mask::mask::mask::mask::mask:
My arrest at Sen. Jeff Flake’s office convinced me that General strike street actions is about all, We The People have left. It was so disgusting it actually left my mouth agape.:dizzy_face:


I think that there are too many people on the ideological right within the Democratic Party and in charge of the Democratic Party (look what the DCCC’s 2018 strategy is, they are focusing their energies on right wing voters and Democrats) to stop this. What I think will be interesting, if this does happen, is how exactly the DCCC thinks it will sell voters on their rotten candidates when their ideological brethren are working so hard to destroy the lives of working people in real time along with the right wing. How are you going to show people that the DCCC’s right wing Democrats are a viable alternative, instead of what they are, which is a continuation of things that are clearly a net negative for most working people? If the Democrats were trying to lose, they wouldn’t do a damn thing different than what they’re doing. They did beat this back, but let’s see what the right wing Democrats do in the coming months, and let’s see the DCCC’s mental gymnastics in defending what they’re likely to do, since these people are similar to the candidates they want to support.


I don’t think so, since they’re still defending a system that results in healthcare costs far outpacing wage growth, a system that still has massive overhead relative to single payer systems (which includes traditional Medicare) and since a market based system can’t do anything about the parts of the country that literally have no market based options. What market based solution can be implemented to lower the actual costs of good care, to lower the system wide inefficiencies and to expand coverage? Doesn’t exist. Proving the ACA is better than the alternative is one thing, if current trends continue, proving that the ACA is better than the only real alternative, single payer, is going to become increasingly difficult.


Hmmm. All the protests and calls here in Colorado didn’t even dent Cory Gardner’s descent into hell voting for every kind of repeal presented. I would love it if I thought it made such a huge difference. In the end, GOP senators stood by their ideology except for 3. So does this mean I don’t believe in and support the efforts for citizen rule to actually become a reality? No. It just means I am discouraged by how tone-deaf and willfully ignorant our representatives are.


I think the Senate Democrats would be willing to create a basic “copper” type plan on the exchanges to get the reinsurance payments settled and the markets functioning in certain states. Trump’s hostage situation with the payments is and will create havoc. The House though, is a whole other story. I don’t think anything, save gutting Medicaid, is getting through there barring a “moderate” revolt. How likely is that to happen?

What we witnessed though was a solid Democratic caucus in both houses, coupled with strong public resistance, get an important win. Medicaid is secure for now, new states may expand it, and a Supreme Court-approved framework exists to build on legislatively as much as we want an overnight, single payer drop-in now.

What we also witnessed though is why presidents don’t do well when they try to bully sitting Senators in close votes. Murkowski gave him a big “F you” after being threatened. As for McCain, Trump publicly besmirched him in the primaries. He never apologized for this and I suspect the old man’s been waiting for this moment a long time. Coupled with the Russia sanctions, and with limited time ahead of him, he owed Trump no favors and has let the President know this in the harshest way. LBJ had a 295 seat House majority to work with and a 68 seat Senate majority. You can be an asshole to a few members in that situation, but not ones like Trump faces, or Obama faced.

Last, let’s not forget Schumer. He played a risky hand deftly. Rather bog things down in floor amendments, risking Republican ire and giving them more time, he called McConnell’s bluff and asked him to show his cards. Gotta give props for that.