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Following 'Horrific' Allegations of Assault and Abuse Against Women, NY AG Schneiderman Resigns


Following 'Horrific' Allegations of Assault and Abuse Against Women, NY AG Schneiderman Resigns

Jon Queally, staff writer

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has announced his resignation, effective Tuesday, after reporting in The New Yorker on Monday evening included on-the-record accusations of assault and sexual violence against the prominent politician and highly-visible Democrat by former several women who had previously been in relationships with him.


We are now stuck in the bizarre crisis of saving the planet from immediate habitat collapse and fighting against rapists with legal power…

Support Planned Parenthood. Stop having children. The world is not a safe place for children.


How far the arrogant and powerful fall…

But on a positive note, Yes! Zephyr Teachout for NY AG! That is not likely as I suspect Gov Cuomo has a crony in mind as payback for political favors rather than a person of impeccable integrity; his anger at nearly being beaten in the primary by Zephyr is probably high on his “enemies list”. Cuomo’s presidential ambitions are only equaled by his corrupt and highly vindictive nature!

What a team!..Cynthia Nixon and Zephyr Teachout for NY!


Preet Bharara is also a strong choice but the NY Leg is a very strange and corrupt body - regardless which party affiliation controls what!



The full NewYorker article is devastating. A classic portrait of another dangerous woman-hater in power, telling sexual partners who object to assault that they’re “not liberated enough.” ES (I can’t say that creep’s name) is so disgustingly sick it would be shocking in a country which was not so ubiquitously, routinely misogynistic as the USA.

Time’s up, ES. Burn in hell.


Further notification to mental supremacists—Earth-haters, body-haters, women haters—

“Your time’s up!”

‘You—like all humans—must now leave behind the outworn fiction that sadistic ‘personal’ behavior is unrelated to one’s ability to ‘serve’ the community as a leader, or in any capacity…”

“The personal is—and always has been—political. The political is also personal. We’re all One in the Water.”

“No one can get over, under, or around that Law. And ‘ignorance’ of It is no excuse. No ‘taking the Fifth’ here!”

“It’s Time for Love, for real! It’s Time for Truth and Reconciliation! It’s Time to act from unity within diversity.”

“Get with it, or get gone—the choice, as always, is yours.”

Love always,
Your Mother


…or other living things…


You are absolutely correct. There is now no moral argument for bringing children into this world.


Its interesting to think of a generation that comes from “the middle class” - which is an economic theory application crafted by … whom and what? So “proud” to be of the middle class/upwardly mobile/getting mine… Now… add to that the absolute must of lives carefully crafted,cut down and trimmed to to enter the elite ‘university’ - which, by the way was being wrapped up tight by corporations (remember them?) controlling and selling the the narrow and compliant demands to allowed into the (ahem) elite circles. I submit that that the ins and outs of the trope controlled to create minions, generate perversions/self-hatred, because NO HUMAN BEING in their right mind and heart can ‘externalize’ (dismiss/climb on the back of) other human beings to serve narcissistic motives masquerading as ‘governance’ with three supposedly separated branches of power.

When you break it down, its colonization a la 21st century and it is further poisoning the entire world. OH WAIT- NO!!! Its the American Way - proud patriots DEFEND these ways… move on, nothing to see here… behave yourself, you poor pathetic excuse of a human being. Grow a set… sound familiar?

Gee, why would someone like Trump intentionally remove the sections of the “economy” that address people he despises?


Another one bites the dust…

Nothing surprises me anymore. After America elected Trump I knew we were doomed and there was no escape.


Schneiderman, a New York elitist, could not have been a serial abuser without knowledge of his compatriots in the top circles of the Democratic Party. Even though they are divorced, his former wife (Jennifer Cunningham) - also a top-level NY Dem operative - “cannot believe the allegations.”

This level of corruption at the top of the party renders it unable to even be a LOTE alternative to the Rethug wing of the Duopoly. It is long past time for progressives to stop making excuses for the more effective evil and get the hell out.


And what’s up with his ex-wife? ls she still being supportive; i.e.: lying for him, b/c she’s afraid he’ll return to abusing her … or maybe in-between girlfriends she’s his ‘whipping post’ of choice?
It’s obvious they are telling the truth just from the fact that he resigned and left so quickly; and his remark about ‘rough sex’ in his resignation just makes what he did that much more vile and reprehensible.


It hurts to read this, but it is true. The non-profit industries (and they are that) have become as corrupt as capitalists because they model the top-down, anti-democratic governing style of for-profit corporations and are corrupted by that. Also, they depend on capitalists and corporations for funding, so they are subsidiaries of the oligarchs in the end (and yet another tax-avoidance scam for the rich and corps).


Thanks Mom!


What’s up with so many women putting up with it? Well, that’s the usual outcome of the kind of intimidation and shame shared by most victims of hate crimes. When the perpetrator is the DA, it’s hard to speak up.

The narrative shared by the New Yorker article cracks open the more interesting question: what does it take for someone to finally break the pattern? In this case, I give all the credit to one courageous woman whom ES called his “brown slave”, who called a friend to help retrieve her stuff:

As they carried her things outside, they talked about the fact that Selvaratnam couldn’t possibly be the only woman who had seen this side of Schneiderman.

She’s the one who started reaching out to previous victims.

Selvaratnam says, “I wished someone had warned me. And I wondered, Who’s next?” She notes, “I was not planning to come forward, until I found out there was another woman. The silence of women before me meant that I’d suffered, too. I felt, I will not be able to live with myself if I hear of him doing this to another woman years or months from now.”


While I deplore violence against women - or violence in any form - I also deplore using so-called sexual abuse/harassment to bring down otherwise reputable men.

Come on, women. Are you so feeble that you cannot slap a man’s face or kick him in the balls?


Did Schneiderman win the disgraced person’s lotto today or what. Any normal day you would have the media swarming on this story…on any normal day. Today you have Trump’s withdraw from the Iran treaty. Melania and her plagiarism, Stormy Daniels and the Russian Connection, And a heroic police rescue video, all to distract from your exposure as a vicious piece of shit. By tomorrow all his sins will have been forgotten.


Sad to say, but you are right. These organizations, like the big labor unions want to be at the party. Had the women’s organizations really been effective, they would have insisted the language be a woman’s privacy right instead of allowing a prolife-prochoice narrative. So much lost time and now we are today with Iowa’s governor signing that atrocity of a law denying women their reproductive rights–in May of 2018!


Meanwhile the ice caps are melting.


Are you somehow blaming Trump for Schneiderman’s behavior?
Are you seriously claiming that the election caused this?

I’d argue the opposite. It was only after Trumps election that this crap began to be fought against.
This was all well known but hidden during the Obama/Clinton years.