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Following Months of Protests and Outrage, Hong Kong Leader Withdraws Extradition Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/04/following-months-protests-and-outrage-hong-kong-leader-withdraws-extradition-bill

At least they protest in Hong Kong, in Boston protesters of bigotry are arrested by the “poor” Boston Police for exercising their rights and even though the prosecutor wants to dismiss the charges, the fascist judge refuses.
Police state of USA - Boston cops are all Trump supporters so what can we expect?

As always, direct action gets the goods. Brother and sisters, stay in the streets, and don’t listen to those tin-foil-hat tankie leftists for Xi here in the USA.

Haven’t followed this as closely as maybe I should have, but it seems to me if this had been ‘just’ a few thousand students OR blue collar workers OR government employees, then it would have been quashed with no demands met and a heightened state of fear for all of Hong Kong. But it wasn’t. It was the people of HK, from all walks of life and age groups, rising up to say no, not in our name. The people of the US need to take heed with what it takes to defy an unpopular government and the policies being spewed out by such. We continue to sit on the sidelines at our peril.

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And worse, when the would-be leftist organizers see people rising up in other nations notably Syria in 2011-12 and Ukraine in 2013-14, Nicaragua in 2018, and now Hong Kong in 2019 they adopt conspiracy theories that the uprisings are just a plot by the CIA. They want to rob all the peoples of the world of agency and drag other people down to their state of despondency and learned helplessness.

So millions of people in the streets are all just dupes a cabal of rich people?

But there is NO chance that you are a dupe of a certain cabal of billionaires who employ proven internet-based propaganda and conspiratorial “alternative truth” manufacture methods who are close to the dictators leading those two very large countries on Eurasian continent - and have a very keen interest in the HK movement not succeeding.

I have flagged your post for spreading conspiratorial nonsense.

and now the CIA and deep state and Democratic Party are trying to overthrow another great Leader of the People"

To Common Dreams, I am informing the people over at The Grayzone that you have allowed a piece by one of their writers to be flagged here on Common Dreams for spreading “conspiratorial nonsense.” Others should know the extent intolerance holds over American society, even here on CD.


Sounds like the bullet points for fascism.

Why flagged - this is a legitimate comment - if CR is now censoring, I will no longer be a contributor

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Russia is a facist state. Most governments in the world are fundamentally corrupt with the USA topping the list.

The crux of the story is that protests can spawn results. Something Americans need to take note of.

The following is part of the message I received from CD:

“Your post was flagged as spam : the community feels it is an advertisement, something that is overly promotional in nature instead of being useful or relevant to the topic as expected.” Outrageous. No, it was flagged for spreading “conspiratorial nonsense.” Automatic system but still able to not want it on record that a post was flagged for the above so concoct a spam accusation.

Common Dreams completely removed my post of Dan Cohen’s piece on the Protests in Hong Kong, said it was removed because it was spam. Go to the Grayzone Project and read it yourself. The person who flagged it did so because it is, according to that person, “conspiratorial nonsense.” Shame on Common Dreams.


The automatic system needs adjustment … very disappointing.


I have some concerns about the so called automatic system. During the recent Russiagate mania two of my posts of conversations between Prof. Stephen Cohen and John Batchelor on the latters radio show just disappeared, without comment. The system provides a convenient cover.

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And this, “This post was flagged by the community and a staff member opted to remove it.”

Not only CD…

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