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Following Obama Meeting, Sanders Vows to Fight for Progressive Future



If Hillary really becomes the Democratic nominee,
the future looks Piss-Poor.
We will have to change Bernie's slogan to "A Future to Relieve In"


Bernie's and Ours Most Excellent Adventure!!


On the non-Presidential election political front, 170+ candidates are running with Bernie. Work to get the elected and vote them in!


Pfffttttt . . . . terms of Obama/Clinton contract signed in 2008 complete.


Not quite. The contract calls for Obama to campaign for her until November.


I am not about to give up on Bernie just yet. Let's see what happens AFTER the convention. Right now it's all show and talk. What he DOES afterwards will tell the tale.


I wouldn't be surprised if there were some threats or intimidation of some sort during this meeting with Obama.

After all of the things Obama has supported I don't trust him at all For example:

  1. Saying we need to act on climate change but then he supports the continued use of fossil fuels and continued traditional drilling and fracking, on and offshore while releases to the environment are allowed to continue with minimal news coverage.

  2. Supports trade agreements that are detrimental to the environment and workers’ rights and protections.

  3. Military actions continue to keep the military industrial complex (at least) alive and well.

  4. He displays such contempt for journalists and whistleblowers attempting to expose inappropriate and corrupt behavior that is our right to know.

  5. FIOA requests are delayed for political purposes.

  6. He admitted he, too, is a “New Democrat” and thus holds neoliberal economic beliefs detrimental to the people.

I could go on but to top all of that off, he now officially endorses such a horrible neoliberal/neocon. Other than Obama being more eloquent, the two of them a just alike.

I trust Bernie and will continue to support him.


Well, that seals any hope for a positive legacy for Barack Obama.
The only reason for him to endorse a war criminal like Hillary Clinton is to help ensure that he will not be held accountable for his own war crimes.


Well let's see if Obama gives Bernie a ride in his nice shiny airplane.
I am still miffed that Dennis Kucinich caved so readily after his ride in Air Force One.


I concur. F.U. H.R.C. and Obama too!


Perfect, and expected. One shill for big-money and corporate power/domination, "endorses" another, his successor in partnership with corporate/banker/Wall Street greed, usury and abuses of the public trust!

Obama came on the scene talking big, about progressive issues and many believed - because they wanted to believe, needed to desperately. That belief and trust was betrayed from day one by the "change we can believe-in" prez, appointing and nominating the same old corporate/banker flunkies, Israel firster Rahm Emanuel, the odious Ken Salazar at Interior, the recycled Clinton Rubinite de-regulators that banished the Glass-Steagall Act, and empowered the war machine including a trillion dollar nuclear weapons "upgrade". ALL the progressive rhetoric was a con right from the giddyup!
Now that liar and fraud "endorses" another fraud in Hillary Clinton while the people cry for real change and the Political revolution championed by Bernie Sanders.
WE the people must continue the struggle as Bernie will - not succumb to the old lesser-evil con or any of the other BS lies and deceit, "party unity", corporate/banker servitude and representation for the 1% and war machine that is now represented by the selected fraud named Hillary Clinton!

Massive electoral fraud in CA primary.

Bernie or Bust it all up! No Justice, NO Peace! Occupy Philly!


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Watch out for the HRC agents provocateurs.


I often wonder what happens during these little "talks". Do they threaten your family or make some other offer that can't be refused? I remember Kucinich's little plane ride. Of course others have taken rides and never returned, Wellstone, Carnahan in Missouri.


Right on the mark with your remarks. You summarized what I have been thinking about so very well.


It makes sense that Obama endorsed Clinton. Had Bernie won the Democratic nomination and became president, he could have exposed Obama's philosophy of incremental reforms rather than Bernie's "radical" -- I put radical in quotation marks because they aren't really radical -- reforms philosophy, which would have exposed Obama as a fraud.


The Great Fearless Bullshitter-in-Chief endorses ( and gives her hugs and kisses last seen in The Godfather ), a New Fearless-Bullshitter-in-Chief Wannabe. Wow! Who could of seen this coming? Did he also provide her with a 24 karat shovel? Or, as one would expect, she had a diamond studded one matching her tiara and robe, all ready at her side. Sound the trumpets.Let the games begin. Well, more time for birdwatching and stamp collecting, at least. Something to look for besides NYC flying manure projectiles.


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