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Following Outcry by Human Rights Groups, Mugabe Removed as WHO Ambassador

Following Outcry by Human Rights Groups, Mugabe Removed as WHO Ambassador

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Sanity restored," but Human Rights Watch calls for WHO to go further in fighting corruption in healthcare

With all due respect, this smells to high heaven of an orchestrated ‘false flag’ to provide leaders otherwise failing ethically to get some face time on TV/media ‘expressing moral outrage’.
Justin Trudeau has been deplorably silent about severe problems for indigenous peoples in Canada AND Canadian mining companies have been engaged in immoral bulldozing in Brazil. He certainly has not been raising any objection to riding the coattails of one of the most scandalous corruption cases in history in Brazil. Has Trudeau made any statement or taken an ongoing ethical stand? Do, please, post below if you find such.

The bizarre appointment of Mugabe seems more an indication of the WHO being coerced by special interests on long, long tethers.

This interactive geographic database for causes of death in America is telling. There are some places that are over the national average in just about every disease (over the last 35 years). The northeast part of Kentucky where it boarders West Virginia, almost the entire boarder between Louisiana and Mississippi, on or near any Native American reservation and specifically South Dakota. And for maternal deaths the southern states. There are other trends but these were the most notable in my opinion.

How quintessentially oxymoronic: Mugabe and good will…