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Following Outcry, 'Sweeping' Reforms Announced to Expand Oscar Diversity


Following Outcry, 'Sweeping' Reforms Announced to Expand Oscar Diversity

Jon Queally, staff writer

Following a week of stinging rebukes, boycott announcements, and high-profile commentary from some of the film industry's most prominent performers, writers, and directors, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the body which officiates the Oscars each year, announced it would be making "sweeping" changes in order to increase diversity among its notoriously secretive, homogenous, and elite membership.


You might add television to the list of non-white productions. More than that you might add the new crop of channels featuring old series from the 1950's, 60's, 70's and so forth which are so blaringly white that I find myself having to turn them off, and I'm white and grew up with these shows. Now I am realizing how much I didn't notice in these shows. But then the small town I grew up in had only white citizens.

Although (I am wandering a bit off topic now) I should note that people can find anything to make distinctions about, Catholic or not, divorced or not (really affected me back then), or the European descended nationalities in my town, Polish, Czech, Bohemian, and so forth. Color of skin is just an easy obvious way to notice differences. Where skin color is the same across a set of people they will still find other markers.

But to return to the main topic and my spinoff on TV series. I really hate to see the same shows that "we" (certainly I was) were so oblivious about being broadcast in a repeat of the oblivious, all-white (nearly all) world. It makes me very uncomfortable to see, I suppose because I've gotten used to a very different world in work and social circles and now the look of the old TV series just hits me in the face.

Change TV and change the movie industry. The Oscars though, I haven't watched for a long time. The selections are leveraged and pimped so much I really don't like watching that as well.


► Sure, why not? It's an alternative art form to television, and will end up there someday, sometimes sans commercials.