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Following Outcry, US Government Halts Deportations of Women Who Allege Medical Abuse in ICE Detention—At Least for Now

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/24/following-outcry-us-government-halts-deportations-women-who-allege-medical-abuse-ice

There really SHOULD have been authorities (Representatives or Senators) who stood in the way and kept the deportations happening as soon as it was known what had happened.

If left to their own devices, I have no doubt that ICE will pursue a course that will be judged like the SS. Nothing says, “shining pinnacle of democracy” quite like crimes against humanity.

I’m exhausted.


Hi A_Wobblie_Weeble:
I wondered by that group name was ICE. I thought it stood for : Incredibly Cretinous Employees… but now I see that the word ICE is only there to show that they are not human and have only ICE in their veins. : (


The activities in question have Stephen Miller’s mindset all over them. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the architect of the policies and I stand in shock that there are those in the medical community that would carry through with such horrific deeds. I just got back from my doctor and he and his staff are everything you would want and expect–competence and compassion, with a sense of humor to boot. They are tired of this pandemic business but they soldier on. Great human and humane beings. That our government was usurped for evil against people who sought asylum in our country makes my blood boil into the ether. No more fascists!


I wouldn’t be too shocked, there has always been someone in the medical community to carry out outrageous acts/experiments. Think Tuskegee, MK Ultra, and many CIA sponsored programs. And that’s just in this country.


I’m equally concerned about child abuses as well as the abuse of the adults.
We may have to wait years to hear about the kids, like the Boy Scouts, and certain clergy.

It happen in early eighths with native women yes fact . I was one .Hmm history repeats itself just another population control tactic . Sad sort of affairs . YES boiling red blood here . Happy day off tomorrow .Enjoy the feast always remember give thanks :thinking::bird:

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