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Following Push by Human Rights Campaigners, Argentina Calls Off #NotFriendly Soccer Match With Israel


Following Push by Human Rights Campaigners, Argentina Calls Off #NotFriendly Soccer Match With Israel

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

In a development hailed as a win for human rights and the boycott movement, Argentina on Tuesday canceled a controversial exhibition soccer match against the Israeli national soccer team scheduled to take place in Jerusalem.


Uppity athletes unite!



I watched a documentary about Israel’s soccer teams. They are closely allied with right wing politics and openly racists. They chant racist bigotry openly and proudly. A Russian billionaire bought one of the teams thinking it would provide him political influence, he invested millions of dollars and ended up giving it back them.


Are you sure you don’t mean the fans rather than the team? In that respect, they;re not that much different from dozens of other football teams, most of which have right wing elements and hooligans amongst the fans, especially in Russia itself.


Well based on the documentary, it included the teams. Sorry I don’t remember the name of the documentary. Basically, the billionaire owner hired two Chechen players, they were treated pretty bad, at one game 25,000 fans stayed home. The star player was fired, but got a job with another team. There is more to it but casual racism it was not.

I can see why Argentina might want to boycott the whole thing, there is a lot of politics involved.


If you are interested I found the documentary:


Well, if the team hired foreign players but the fans boycotted it, that would show it’s the fans that are racist. I can’t see Fifa tolerating an openly racist football team. Far right fan problems in Russian football is possibly the worst at the moment, allegedly partly encouraged by the Russian State. Viz;

The impending World Cup is gonna be fun!!!


Yeah, no kidding. Had no idea. Thanks.