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Following Report on Saudi Use of Child Soldiers in Yemen, Anti-War Voices Offer This Reminder: American Tax Dollars 'Help Pay for It'


Following Report on Saudi Use of Child Soldiers in Yemen, Anti-War Voices Offer This Reminder: American Tax Dollars 'Help Pay for It'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"America is now aiding and abetting the use of child soldiers."

That was how Ari Rabin-Havt, deputy policy director for U.S. Sen Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), responded to a New York Times report on Friday detailing Saudi Arabia's use of Sudanese child soldiers as young as 14 years old to wage its vicious assault on Yemen, which has resulted in the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.


Just eat a bloody steak, go to your congressperson’s office and vomit on their desk. That’s what I feel like doing.


Is this who we are ?
What kind of world view creates this reality ?

This is not who I am ! .It’s time to take responsibility for those in charge are creating hell on Earth so fast we better Wake Up.

Awaken The Species.
Only Organised Religion could justify such a travesty.It gets to waste life with impunity .Pure secular humanism values life.


Bernie Sanders’ policy director ought to wake up if he’s going to be directing policy for a presidential candidate. The U.S. has ALWAYS supported the use of child soldiers (outside of the US) and has NEVER ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Every president from Clinton going forward has failed to submit it to the Senate for confirmation.

The ignorance of “progressives” about the National Security State, U.S. military and their effect on every aspect of human life in the biosphere is beyond astounding. It is sickening.

To get some idea, check out this article for a good short summary:


Among other things, the piece readily demonstrates the mathematics (if not immorality) of the Permanent War Against the World. The capitalist imperialist war against pretty much everything GUARANTEES domestic austerity, no matter what U.S. “progressives” Tweet and Whine about.


Only organized religion gets to waste life with impunity?

Laissez-faire capitalism says, “Hold my Champagne …”


Bend over fellow Americans, your tax money goes to Israel to kill Palestinians and civilians around the world. War pays , peace not so much.


As Common Dreams reported, the Senate took the “historic” step earlier this month of voting to end U.S. military support for Saudi Arabia.

But, thanks to a handful of Democrats, House Republicans succeeded in ramming through a rule that killed the possibility of the Yemen War Powers Resolution of even reaching the House floor for a vote in this Congress.

What does it take for We the People to wake up? How much evidence do you need to see that the “D” and “R” parties are two sides of the same coin? They both do as they are told by Wall Street and the MICC to maximize profits and control We the People.
*War is the most profitable business on the planet. The MICC supplies both sides of any disagreement with weapons, targeting information, and runs interference with the UN for those we pay to commit atrocities on We the People of the World.
*Every day, every night, in countries around the world, men, women, children are killed and burned, made homeless, are starving and dying of thirst, so the politicians and their masters and owners can buy a new yacht, a new city, or some really fancy and expensive jewelry, or just pile it up in a vault to look at and admire.
*If a few hundred million Americans would wake up and go GREEN, we could put all of these criminals out of business in short order. We could fill our prisons with genuine criminals rather than have people serving life sentences for not being able to raise bail.
Wake up and Act, dammit! Wake up and Act!

Ocasio-Cortez Rips Dem Leadership for Treating Planet-Saving Green New Deal as 'Controversial'

It’s beliefs that create behaviours ,if we want the world to change, our beliefs about if have to be challenged. Organised Religion has to be challenged their fallacies are creating hell on Earth and have done for millennia


One could make the argument that laissez-faire capitalism is a religion.
It certainly requires an equal degree of magical thinking to imagine it could create a worthwhile, or even sustainable world.


And with


My question is why is Common Dreams giving cover to the Senator from Vermont who left in his own Yemen Resolution an exception for whatever Israel does with the House of Saud there. For all we know, considering how the relationship is, they could be involved as well with this act of child abuse.


You and others need to lean on someone else for a day or two. You would think by reading CD that the liberals are the war mongers.


Could someone explain to me how that actually works? I’ve been reading for a while now that they did it, but never an explanation of how it works. It seems to me that the new Congress could just undo it. So how is it that it works?


Was the war in Yemen going on when Ehud Barack Obama was POTUS? If so, nobody said a word about it. I doubt if Chris Murphy, Bernie Sanders or any other politician would say something about it.



Thanks for saying so.

I laid out the religious nature of “Western liberal democracy” in a long comment in Chris Hedges’ most recent piece.

It seems fruitful to work for a Common Sense understanding of how the human species got to this point of totalizing, annihilating crisis. Those who fail to understand the past are doomed to repeat it, as the saying goes.

Groking how “secular humanism” and “Western liberal democracy” function as a religion is a critical component of the compulsory human Earth curriculum.

Thanks for speaking Truth in this regard.