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Following Rightwing Lurch, Netanyahu Survives to Win Re-Election


Following Rightwing Lurch, Netanyahu Survives to Win Re-Election

Jon Queally, staff writer

With a desperate lurch to appease the far-right of the Israeli electorate in the final days before national elections in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was able to declare a re-election victory for his Likud Party early Wednesday morning despite a nail-biting campaign and a recent surge by the more moderate Zionist Union party led by Issac Herzog.


All the war profiteers in the MIC are smiling this morning. This “election” goes a long way to maintaining perpetual war in the middle east.

With the state of the art technology used by the Israeli government, I have to wonder about the results of this vote. The outcome was likely known all along.


senior PA officials said Netanyahu’s recent statements prove the Palestinians have “no partner in Israel” when it comes to a peaceful settlement.

Sorry, folks, but you never had a “partner in Israel” for anything.



Not disagreeing but I think the operative word here is ‘prove’ because there were/are still folks who believed against all fact that this was not the case. Some are impervious to fact and truth which means for them proof won’t matter.


I agree unless they are using paper ballots and counted in public which I seriously doubt. Can you spell DIEBOLD?


if one ever wondered if the elections are rigged, i believe the answer has been found- that or the population of Israel is one-upping the USA’s populations disillusion/political under-education and manipulation


There is every reason to believe the same mechanisms used by the United States to claim election results is the same mechanism used by Israel or Canada or Australia or any other state touting democratic principles, particularly in Europe.

All those meetings of “democratic” countries of the G this and G that were schemes for this “austerity” program that is clearly intended to impoverish the masses and further enrich the already rich. There is absolutely no reason why these scheming governments couldn’t simply make the rich pay for their own orchestrated economic crash. Instead, “democratic” governments are purposely draining the wealth of nations in order to rule by oligarchs.

And what is this fascination with “American People”? Where did citizens and Americans go?


Ah yes, Hitler was elected, too.

  • How many millions must die before the twenty-first century Axis is destroyed?
  • I remember the last one. Fortunately, I’m old enough that I probably won’t see how it plays out, this time.
  • Apparently, we never learn.


I have no way of knowing if the fix was in or what happened, but Bibi was behind in the latest polls and the outcome was probably known all along. Bibi is such a corrupt war monger with no conscience, that nothing is beneath him.


What are those weird bumps on his shoulders?


Another disgrace. I’m sure that John “Coppertone” Boehner and all of the trained seals in Congress who gave this war criminal more than 20 standing ovations after inviting him to speak without White House consent all feel vindicated by this “victory” of their favorite neocon stooge in the Middle East.
Now we can all look forward to hearing the war talk against Iran ramped up. The world just became darker.


Why vote for the lesser of two evils–I mean “more moderate”–when you can have the full blown variety?


I posted this to the NYT as a short ‘learning moment’ regarding Netanyahu’s “Big Win” — but will expand the learning moment to its overall lessons about the left’s need to unleash the weapon of truthful language against the ‘word smithing’ and propaganda of lies that both of these bipartisan Vichy facades of Empire are currently very effectively employing to run circles around the so-called progressive left:

"This Netanyahu experience has certainly provided a “learning moment” (as Obama says) to both the neocon ‘R’ Vichy party and neoliberal-con ‘D’ Vichy party’s political front-men of the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire — for which they all work:

You can’t lose by lying, leveraging fear, warmongering, playing the racist card, and employing political deceit bordering on treason!

But — Wow — what an opposite ‘learning moment’ for average Americans in sparking a Second American Revolution against Empire, and this time against a deceitful, disguised, and deadly global form of Empire that has secretly taken
over our country!"


“A national unity government, on the other hand, would quickly revive Netanyahu’s international credentials…”

For years Netanyahu has been saying he supports a two-state solution while doing everything he could to oppose it - primarily in the interest of giving the U.S. verbal cover for supporting sham ‘peace’ negotiations while maintaining a status quo where Israel continues to “change the facts on the ground” with illegal settlement building.

Now he’s dropped the pretense.

Once someone has blatantly dealt the cards that were up his sleeve, dealing a few hands from the deck won’t undo the damage to his ‘credentials.’


Scorched wings, perhaps?


Once again, Netanyahu and his IDF will start bulldozing more villages, more olive orchards, killing anyone who protests. They will build more condos on the stolen land and throw more Palestinians into concentration camps or kill them.

  • Once again, the US Fourth Reich fuehrer and Reichstag will declare unlimited support for Israel and send their $3 billion per year tribute, plus replacements for ammo used in killing Palestinians.
  • Once again, the UN will pass a resolution of censure, which the Reich will veto in the SC.
  • I don’t know what the learning curve is for the twenty-first century, but last century we thought we had gotten rid of them, at enormous cost.
  • Apparently all anyone cares about anymore is making deals and buying the newest I-Phone or whatever toy is in vogue at the moment.


Not-Just-Any-Yay-Hoo is the poster boy for fomenting anti-Semitism worldwide. His re-election does not bode well for Israel but he fits in perfectly with the perpetual war supporters in the US and elsewhere. He and Adelson make quite a pair.


They do use paper ballots dropped into a transparent box. But in the end, it’s who does the counting.


Don’t quite understand all the wailing. This is classic Hagelian dialectic. There is a pre-ordained future to which Israel is marching. It does not matter which war criminal is in charge, the destination does not change. It that regard I agree with the Iran foreign minister who stated that it did not matter who wins or loses in Israel, it is a rogue state and no one is going to change that status.


The world is all the worse for it. When elections are this close it’s not hard to rig an election. It happened in Canada.