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Following Student Outcry, 'Ole Miss' Lowers State Flag



"The student senate voted 33-15 last week in favor of removing the
flag, which features the Confederate battle emblem in one corner, and
following a wave of similar actions throughout the South following the June 18 shooting in Charleston, South Carolina..."

What is significant is not only the removal of a symbol of hatred, but it's insistence on the part of the overwhelming majority of student representatives. As in South Carolina, (where with the support of the governor and both US Senators the state assembly decided to take down the state flag with the same stars and bars symbol), this reminds me of a comment made by one of the family members of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.after his birthday was made a national holiday and the bill was signed by none other than that empty suit of a President Ronald Reagan.

When asked how to explain such a paradoxical event, they said (with a smile) "well we black folk really do believe in prayer a lot you know". Watching this trend develop of the white South of repudiating those unsavory aspects of its tradition makes me think that maybe there are more than just black folk who believe in prayer a lot.