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Following the Foreign-Policy Money Trail in Washington


Following the Foreign-Policy Money Trail in Washington

Ben Freeman

The 2016 elections awakened Americans to a startling reality: the country’s political system is ripe for foreign interference. The Russians took full advantage of social media with bot armies and through unregistered foreign agents.


What a disappointment this story is. I settled in expecting to read a good analogy about how AIPAC subverts our political system and funds think tanks in the US, only to find out their story is completely left out. But the standard Russia “did it” BS (you could count the Russian bots on one hand), didn’t forget that did you Ben? What a disgrace. I expect better from CD.


Go read the article on Consortium News site about the destruction of a secular judicial system in Israel by ultra-fanatic fundamentalist rabbis.
And these nutty zealots, with U.S. help and $$$, are closing in on the button controls to 200+ nukes?
Save yourself, if you can.

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The globalists are running the world and if you get in their way, bomb, bomb, bomb with US military star power bombs, drones, and planes.


I have, and watched “The Lobby”, linked through Al Jazeera. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s an eye opener.