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Following Three-Day Strike, Denver Teachers Score Latest Victory in Nationwide #RedForEd Movement


Following Three-Day Strike, Denver Teachers Score Latest Victory in Nationwide #RedForEd Movement

Julia Conley, staff writer

After staging the country's ninth major teachers' strike in the past 12 months, teachers on Thursday scored the latest victory for their students, communities, and profession as they reached a tentative deal with the school district that they say will help combat the city's teacher turnover crisis.

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It’s a sure sign that our values are screwed up when a house cleaner gets paid more than a teacher with a master’s degree and 25 years experience. We should all hit the bricks like LA, Denver, West Virginia and now Oakland.

Our kids deserve the best education possible. You get what you pay for! We’re seeing the results of our years of lowering our support for education in the federal government in DC that are trying to run our country and are succeeding in running it into the ground.

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They gotta learn how to put Trump somewhere in the title to get folks to read and comment (yes that’s snark). I can’t believe the WSJ Editorial board is actually saying it is a failure on the union’s part for not accepting measures promoted by Wisconsin’s former Governor Scott Walker’s collective bargaining initiatives. Maybe they don’t realize that’s exactly why he is no longer governor.


Before the strike started the Wall Street Journal reported on the news pages that the issue dividing the Denver teachers and administration was not the amount of money, but the distribution of it: the administration wanted more money for bonuses for teachers working in high poverty schools, while the teachers’ union wanted less in bonuses and more in increased base pay for all teachers.

We should all understand that, by many evidences, the teachers’ union is a particular special interest, which is more interested in higher pay and in its members avoiding accountability for the work and quality of work they do, than in the best interests of the students. I don’t know if that stereotype applies to Denver teachers and their union, but that is the pre-existing type, that is so often true.

We should also understand that several of the statements regarding the strike and its outcome are propaganda, intended to stroke the sensitive feelings of the teachers rather than speaking the truth.


The actuals are that spending on education goes up and up and up. Many people are dissatisfied seeing the spending go up, and the edu-crats so well paid, and the results coming out of schools so unsatisfactory. That dissatisfaction feeds public support for alternatives to the existing public school model.