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Following Trump Rally, Nurse Smashes 'Perhaps One of the Sickest Accusations Levied by This Deranged Dictator Yet'

Just curious. As I watch others post they appear with a heart. Wondering if it means anything that mine are the only ones that didn’t. Sorry for being an inept navigator.

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Those young men under Trump seem to want to go and few die … it is the “collateral” and targeted murders that is wrong. We are not the victims, we(the US) are the perpetrators of masse death.

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Here are a few more:

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My understanding is that the reason Mueller reported the way he did was to prevent Barr from squashing the whole thing. It is designed to let the process continue through congressional hearings. Just my opinion.

I have learned so much from this beautiful song.


However the orange thing should have never been on the ballot but that also includes the other liar hrc

IN a fair world that is


On my screen, all posts but mine have a heart icon. This is to prevent us from upvoting our own posts.

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You may say that I am a dreamer…but I am not the only one!

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Wishbone Ash - “Where were you tomorrow” (live) off of the Pilgrimage album
This was “truckin music” back in the day. Awesome bass, along with the rest.

I played my original “Imagine” album often after getting it in 1971.

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I see. Thanks Guild.

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Or, as Melania says, “Be Best.”

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Yes, you cannot up-vote your own post. Same for everyone.

We must take back the Moral Ethical Highground for Respecting a Woman’s Rights

The false piety of the anti abortion group should be shown for its real self
That being the goal of dominant control over Women

When Luther nailed his Protests of debauched doctrines of the Catholic Church it became manifested that Forgiveness of Sins could not be purchased by donation to the Vatican coffers

Not having Primacy of say over Oneself, Body and Spirit, is slavery

The doctrine is absolutely FALSE…prima facia

ANY attempt to argue Women to a subordinate status, slaves to the pathos of delusional power brokers, must be BRANDED for all to Understand and See


This is the danger to us all of NOT impeaching this president –
He is quite sly about making emotional contact with those like him filled
with hatred and fear and he personally surrounds himself with people
who are also pathological liars like him from Huckabee to the rest of his Court –
John Bolton, Mike Pompeo who are quite able themselves to carry right wing
propaganda of lies which do harm.

No one can ever say that right wing propaganda isn’t believed and doesn’t do harm –
it truly does.


Yup. We need system-change, and we need consciousness and awareness to do that.

Most of us are so bamboozled, one way or another, that to challenge the predatory colonizing corporate oligarchy that rules (and that bamboozles with endless variations of divide-and-conquer propaganda), is literally un-thinkable.

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I have No Heart for any Congress Member, Politician, Anti-Semitist, Take all CEO, Fake Media or Liars like Mueller who make our lives worse.

Well, at the minimum, women are bringing challenges to our Constitution
and the much esteemed Founding Fathers –

Re - Heidi Schreck – “A document written by and for white male property owners”

She’s now at the Helen Hayes Theater – Broadway, NYC

And I will add –

Original-ism is Fundamentalism – and a literal interpretation of a document which was to
allegedly guide us into the future, not cement us in the past.

and “boring” warning –

I’m not yet familiar with the full extent of Schreck’s challenge to the Constitution but certainly
that the Founders saved and supported Slavery which GUARNTEED the Civil War should be
looked at as a sad historical and self-serving act which split our nation into two camps of hatred
which continue to echo today.

And as more of our States begin to understand the lie of Columbus and change their celebrations
to reflect more of the reality, we need greater challenge to the GENOCIDE against the native
people here, labeled “pagans … only fit to be fed to the dogs” by the Vatican’s Papal Edict to
“Enslave or Kill” them and Africans here, as well.

The invaders and murderers who did these things can no longer be thought noble nor honorable
in any way. And, any third grader free from the propaganda of the nation’s myths could have told
us that long ago.

Nature and the environment are not a part of our Constitution which speaks to its illegitimacy.

Any Constitution which does not acknowledge and affirm human rights for all is also illegitimate.

From the article –

Schreck “found much to envy” and a new understanding of our own Constitution which is
based in negative rights versus positive rights which she gained from Vaclav Havel’s Czech
Republic Constitution. “This is why basic human rights can’t just be left up to interpretation.”

(Or negative re-interpretation to deny our rights as we see in FISA which is a violation of our
right to privacy which has now been extended into a 24/7 violation of the right to privacy by
NSA spying on American every day in pretty much every way – email/telephone/writings.)

Schreck also discovered that Founding Father, Luther Martin in 1787 refused to sign the
Constitution in part because it did not prohibit slavery. She comments: “You can’t worship
this document because of the horrific compromise they made – and they called something a
‘compromise’ that’s viewing human beings as property!” She adds: “So I look at it and think,
What a magical thing, and what an appalling, appalling document.”

(PS: This should also serve as yet one more challenge to US government’s tax exemptions for any
male-supremacist religion such as Catholicism/Vatican beyond their church, surrounding property
and soup kitchen.)


i’ve recommended before so maybe you’ve seen, but historian Gerald Horne’s recent book “The Apocalypse of Settler Colonialism: The Roots of Slavery, White Supremacy, and Capitalism in 17th Century North America and the Caribbean” gives a lot of solid background to the development of the slave trade and the invention of “whiteness” in the colonization of the Americas leading up to the founding of the USA.


And regarding the Papal edict, i’ve learned a ton from Steven Newcomb’s Pagans in the Promised Land and the film version The Doctrine of Discovery.

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Hillary isn’t even in the reality as tRump. WTF is wrong with you?