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Following Trump's Executive Order, EPA Moves to Limit States' Ability to Block Dirty Energy Projects

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/07/following-trumps-executive-order-epa-moves-limit-states-ability-block-dirty-energy

No problem, just rename the agency. Energy Protection Agency. /s


Or, Endagering People’s Ablebodiedness.

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Or how about Exxon’s Protection Agency.

Trump and the EPA and FCC just pulled a few fast ones last month whereby they have essentially abolished all local jurisdiction/control over microwave, freeing the telcommers to fry us at their leisure. The max for why-fry here is 100X that of China/Russia/France/italy. Even the lower levels of cell phone and “smart” meters cause DNA breakage and increase free radicals/inflammation throughout the body. The telecom industry reps before Congress last month were forced to admit they haven’t done a single study to prove that why-fry is safe, not a one. Yet they are ramping up for the even more deadly 5G, 2000 satellites to fry every square inch of planet earth. It is Fascist profit over the health and well being of citizens – and the planet. The tobacco industry knew for decades their cigs were deadly but they kept manufacturing “doubt.” Microwave at the levels we are getting is very unhealthy and the stats are starting to roll in but the telecommers, just like the cig industry, claim that why-fry danger is “controversial” when they know damn well that it is not. Best damn government money can buy… Gopherit