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Following Trump's 'Xenophobic' Playbook, House Passes Two Anti-Immigrant Bills


Following Trump's 'Xenophobic' Playbook, House Passes Two Anti-Immigrant Bills

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Trump's policy goals will, if fully implemented, take a wrecking ball to the Statue of Liberty." —Frank Sharry, America's Voice


Trump’s agenda is weakening so many sectors of the US economy that his followers will soon have even fewer job opportunities than they do now. All of the extra money Trump is giving to the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) will add only a few jobs since much of that work is being moved abroad.


Just remember, Øbama never had Bush’s KBR no-bid concentration camps torn down. As I understand it, they’ve been ready for “Guests” for years.

  • I’m sure the orange turd will be happy to find a way to put them to use, if he hasn’t already.


And the sad thing is that they will probably blame liberals like they always do. Humanity has a really stubborn tendency of not admitting guilt and blaming others.


“'The true intent of these bills” in the American Civil Liberties Union’s view, “‘is to empower Trump’s deportation force and anti-immigrant agenda.’”

Well…sure the bills’ immediate “intent” is to “empower” the Executive’s “anti-immigrant agenda.”

But surely it’s also to shore up the anti-immigrant base and divert progressive energies at a moment of bottom grade popularity ratings and uncertain outcome for the flailing, unpopular right wing health care bill, and the failed anti-immigrant legislation that preceded it…