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Following Worker Revolt, Google to End Drone Technology Contract with Pentagon

Following Worker Revolt, Google to End Drone Technology Contract with Pentagon

Julia Conley, staff writer

Following outcry from thousands of employees and the resignations of several over its work on drone and artificial intelligence (AI) technology with the U.S.


The company’s contract with the military will not be renewed after it runs out in 2019

By which time Google will have completed all of its required contract items…


Radical awesome good business. Interesting. Evocative.

They’ll do it anyway. They are wedded to the military.


MIC spreads out contracts to all states thus ensuring support from the corrupted congress people. War is the business of the Empire. How many military bases does Germany have in the U.S.? Zero, how many do we have in Germany ? 21 and why ? what do they do besides waste tax money. Oh, i forgot, poke the Bear to keep tensions high. A sick deep state.


Americans maintain less and less influence on national affairs. Individuals are powerless, even the big players in government and in the private sector.

If we are ever to rid ourselves of war profiteering, immoral population control operations, money manipulation, and our political deceit, we need a new model. Individuals, groups and societies are toothless.
We need large scale change by adopting the more rapid changes in places like California where greed is not the driving factor in making war decisions. G

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This article missed a few things, such as Sergei Brinn saying that if we (Google) don’t do this someone else will, and maybe with fewer ethical qualms (my paraphrase).
That’s like getting a contract with the Mafia to kill someone, having a family member object and saying, “But, Dear, If I don’t murder Herbie, someone else will be hired to murder Herbie. I tidy up better after I murder and how do I know someone else will be as tidy?”

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Alphabet should IPO Death dot com, and make a killing!
Google does know evil and is funded by wickedness in high places.