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Food Aid to Yemen 'Snatched From the Starving' by US-Backed Saudi Allies


Food Aid to Yemen 'Snatched From the Starving' by US-Backed Saudi Allies

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Amid famine and rampant disease that have spawned from Yemen's four-year civil war, an Associated Press report out Monday revealed that food aid pouring in from across the globe, meant to curb the world's worst humanitarian crisis, is "being snatched from the starving" by armed forces allied with the Saudi-led, U.S.-backed coalition that supports the Yemeni government as well as Houthi rebels.


Death to all those who steal food from starving babies mouths.


There are so many sources of oil in the world, I do not see why we tolerate Saudi Arabia’s many crimes against humanity for a finite resource that will need to be replaced soon - for the survival of our planet.


Houthis are the best defense in Yemen from the USA/israel/Saudi/Gulf Nation created and supported Al Queda/ISIS. Houthis were successfully clearing Yemen of terrorists, thats why they are being opposed.

This is bigger than oil, which the USA exports. being one of the world’s largest producers. The USA more often attacks and destroys nations which have oil, Iraq,Libya, Sudan,Syria,Venezuela etc.

This slaughter, as most of the above, is about Zionist/USA Corportist/ Sunni , full spectrum dominance of the region ( worldwide Control of fossil fuel flow is a top priority, but need for consumption in the USA is not).