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Food, Farming and Climate Change: It’s Bigger than Everything Else


Food, Farming and Climate Change: It’s Bigger than Everything Else

Ryan Zinn

Record-breaking heat waves, long-term drought, “100-year floods” in consecutive years, and increasingly extreme superstorms are becoming the new normal. The planet is now facing an unprecedented era of accelerating and intensifying global climate change, with negative impacts already being widely felt. While global climate change will impact nearly everyone and everything, the greatest impact is already being felt by farmers and anyone who eats food.


We’re not anti-industry. We’re not anti- farmers markets. We just want community values to permeate every part of the market. We’re anti-crook and anti-monopolist because those aren’t at all our community’s values.

We as a community want farmers to make a reasonable living, but we as a community also want all farmers to take care of their section of earth. As long as all farmers equally are doing right by the earth, the market should still be fair. (not that it’s particularly fair to small farmers right now!)


I like you more every time, Whoazzer… we are thinking along the same lines.


A magical place?? No, the article describes returning to the conditions that existed before industrial agriculture made its pernicious presence felt. The article also pertained to the global picture. Your comments must raise eyebrows from the majority of world’s population that don’t live in western nations. That part of the world which finds work and sweat as part and parcel to survival and need no narratives about calvinist principles. That part of the world which contains most of the small farmers referenced in the article.

We ought not be blaming 20 year olds. They weren’t born when much of our contemporary world was being constructed. What were you doing the last 40 plus years? It’s we older folks who should be looking in the mirror. What were we doing to counter the anti-Green, pro-agro giants and their apologists. What were we doing to counter the marketing of the commercial goodies that addict so many…from the young to the much older. What were we doing when democracy, an institution that demands participation for its existence, was left to wither under the onslaught of public relations, or in more honest terms, propaganda. Indeed, what were we doing? It’s the 20 year olds that are owed an answer.


I thought it revealing, yesterday, that when Hillary Clinton on her van trip to Iowa stopped for highway fast food she ate at a Chipotle, maybe the only chain restaurant that is making an attempt to serve non-GMO and locally grown food as much as possible. I have driven highways plenty, and Chipotles are not at every exit–she and her staff sought this one out.

Yet on June 25 of last year she spoke in San Diego at a large biotech trade show where she voiced support of GMOs and Industrial Agriculture, arguing that negative public perception of the industry is because of poor word choice, for example, the use of ‘genetically modified’ rather than ‘drought resistant’.

If a person has the luxury of choice, I venture that 100% would choose organic, chemical-free food. I can’t imagine a Monsanto executive would want their babies nursing on mother’s milk tainted with Roundup, which is now a reality.


Ahhhh my friends. We are all so deeply concerned about climate change. It is drastic and real. But the problem concerns far more than just carbon alone.
Please consider: The San Francisco Chronicle and the Los Angeles Times, both printed rather faked stories which however, did expose the very real existence of geoengineering, otherwise pseudonym’d as “Chemtrails”. Being aerosols sprayed by planes into the sky, which punch holes in the ozone layer, far from deflecting the sun’s rays and cooling down the environment as claimed by both newspapers, in actual fact they allow too many of the sun’s rays through and thereby CAUSE global warming! The true issue of global warming has been missed!

~~~Please, please cover this very real threat to human and animal wellbeing. And very importantly, what we can do. Thank you for your care, bravery and concern. ~~~~

Conspiracy theory? Unfortunately, not. (Even I used to think so fyi. Not after researching it however, and now seeing sprays daily in the sky overhead consisting of X-shaped “Contrails” and U’s, O’s, and more, it is clear that these initially javelin-shaped “contrails” spreading widely into “Clouds” are truly artificial, and they do not belong in our skies). These are designed to control the weather, believe it or not. Very hard to imagine, eh?
~Former US Rep Dennis Kucinich not only spoke out, but drafted a bill, HR 2977, to stop them. No luck, the bill was re-written and the word “Chemtrails” was taken out of it, enabling the spraying to continue.
~Al Gore admits to chemtrails on the Ellen Show, google it
~Famed neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock MD has articles and youtubes on the web about chemtrails
~And ex-military environmental hygienist Kristen Meghan speaks out bravely, despite threats to her life, and tells us about the ingredients in the trails. You can watch her wonderful and vociferous talks on Youtube.
~There were government summit meetings internationally to stop this program. The various European and Canadian governments begged the USA to stop chemtrailing their skies in absence of their permission. No such luck.
~Geoengineering scientists held a meeting which was publicized on youtube, and the sociopath/mad scientist David Keith says something horrible, that the health impacts are clearly unknown, and that there is no moral concern, “it is just like free-riding this on our grandkids”. Google this youtube and your jaw will drop. The whole conference can be seen on youtube, again these are climate engineering scientists.
Sorry as I am a new user, I am not allowed for some strange reason, to post links.
See also geoengineeringwatch.org

We, the People have to be educated first, then we have to rally up peacefully and lawfully, in an orderly fashion, to stop this.
We can meet with Congressional Aides in face-to-face meetings, under the umbrella of established political groups. We can contact the grassroots and ask for action alerts , send them links and video footage to convince them of the inconvenient truths. We also can write to college newsletter editors who will print things the mainstream censors. Contact the underground media and ask for news coverage and articles. Ask an underground movie theater to show the films What In the World Are They Spraying, and Why In the World Are They Spraying? Also ask the movie theaters to show Kristen Meghan's wonderful youtubes. And start up blogs, cross-link already existing blogs. The best and most science-based of them all is geoengineeringwatch.org
Thank you for all your help and concern. This is a deeply serious issue which can affect well-being on Planet Earth. Aerosols sprayed into the skies, containing barium, aluminum and other noxious ingredients, are not a joke. 

PS And why did Hilary Clinton happen to mention, that GMO seeds are drought tolerant? I heard, but have not yet confirmed, that chemtrails cause droughts. There is talk that the California drought has been artificially engineered by these aerosol sprays which control the weather. If this is true and not just fiction, then how is it possible that Monsanto just so happened to magically come up with drought and aluminum-tolerant GMO seeds? The “aha” of it all. Profiteering is at stake! They want to break the organic farming industry, according to some sources, and take over with their drought-tolerant, aluminum-tolerant GMO seeds, say the sources which publicized the films Why in the World Are They Spraying? and What In the World Are They Spraying? Again I have not confirmed this, but given Hilary’s admission, it is plausible and subject to further research, quite possible.


CO2 must become a fungible commodity. Like oil. Oil cost more here or cost less there but the world oil price is controlled by a market. Adding the Externalized cost of oil, fossil carbons, to this market is what is needed. CO2 is that mechanism.

Cap & Trade worked for NOX & SOX, no public outcry, no financial pain, the best solutions guided by the proverbial “invisible hand” sweeping away acid rain.
Conventional policy is closing the Ozone Hole.

The invisible hand of CO2e needs to be made manifest by policy, the same for NPK, nutrients in the wrong place have social/ecological cost, in the right places high values. Carbon in the right place tremendous soil values. These now mostly “Externalized Values” for society, hydrology, ecology, soils etc. must be placed on the balance sheet.

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars”, But in our policy.
A Hansen Fee & Dividend, back to the people, will power said invisible hands.

Soil-C Farming of Oz
“The Cat’s Cradle”
Improving Agricultural Productivity and Economic Viability through Improved Understanding of Natural Systems
Google; biochar.us.com/584/cats-cradle

Biochar systems have so many market applications yet to be cultivated; “Carbon Fodder” feeds for Livestock in the EU, Australia & Japan, Plant Chemical Communications, (plant signaling), even Char building materials such as Biochar-Plasters which block Cellphone signals, the potential markets are massive.

CoolPlanet’s investors & CEOs project (assert) that they will be the first Trillion Dollar Company, based on their $1.50/Gal. cost to produce Bio-Gasoline. Biochar the by product.

For a complete review of the current science & industry applications of Biochar please see my 2014 Soil Science Society of America Biochar presentation. How thermal conversion technologies can integrate and optimize the recycling of valuable nutrients while providing energy and building soil carbon, I believe it brings together both sides of climate beliefs.
A reconciling of both Gods’ and mans’ controlling hands.

Agricultural Geo - Engineering; Past, Present & FutureAcross scientific disciplines carbons are finding new utility to solve our most vexing problems

2014 SSSA Presentation;Agricultural Geo-Engineering; Past, Present & Future.