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Food Fight 2015: Taking Down the Degenerators


Food Fight 2015: Taking Down the Degenerators

Ronnie Cummins

If governments won’t solve the climate, hunger, health, and democracy crisis, then the people will… Regenerative agriculture provides answers to the soil crisis, the food crisis, the health crisis, the climate crisis and the crisis of democracy. -
Dr. Vandana Shiva, speaking at the founding meeting of Regeneration International,
La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica, June 8, 2015


The hour is late pretty much sums it up.

If you are not on board in any number of the different ways that Ronnie speaks of (and yes I am and have been since the 70's and I also support Organic Consumers with small donations when I am able) then I strongly urge you to not only get on board but also to ratchet up your efforts.

It can be overwhelming, it can be depressing but knowing what we know creates responsibility. Do what you can, now.


How do you get this news into the mainstream TV media?

More and more people will have to become aware to stop buying all this junk. Right now there is very little choice especially for people with little income. But many people who are aware are doing the best they can. McDonald's is also losing income in the US, not so much in some other countries where people think they have arrived if they can go and eat at McDonald's.


The mainstream media controlled as it is by big money will not televise the revolution. Not any time soon I'm afraid. Especially these days when the media is almost total crap.

I think it will have to continue to be a people's movement which means using what channels are available and most people are on devices a good part of the day. Lots of potential there. And just talking to people, spreading the word. Supporting each other.

I think we are seeing the results of years of people NOT doing the best they can except for themselves. A very small portion of humanity has been pounding the pavement for the whole. For instance, for years, most of my family, coworkers and acquaintances didn't want to know what's really going on. Didn't want me to share the facts nor did they want to put the effort into gardening, (yes it's hard work), or choosing to live a life that is frugal, thoughtful and acknowledges the lives of other beings on the planet. There's still that reaction from people. Don't be a downer. Don't be an odd ball.

This crisis demands more than doing the "best you can" because, truth be told, many people are not and have not been. Across the board income wise. There are ways to eat that don't trash the planet. It may not be the juicy crap that you were brought up on and it may take some relearning but there are wholesome reasonably priced tasty non environmentally killing and animal torturing foods out there that are good for you.

I think the time for excuses is long past. I've watched and listened to the BS for years and truthfully, it just doesn't cut it anymore. Not just for the wealthy and corrupt but also for those of us with modest means and higher awareness. Educate yourself, step our of your comfort zone and start to do things differently. And share your weirdness!


We are all called to become creative 'artists in [our own] residence' - in the most elemental sense of the term. We benefit from celebrating each others diversity of learning curves, skill levels and interests - together we journey this brief life as a whole. Cultivating the capacity to transcend ideological obstacles, to center down into being present and the vitality of meeting long term challenges are examples of ways of simultaneously shedding the brittleness of propagandized shells. 'Automatic', for generations associated with a class identity of 'development' is now shown to be largely PR automaton extraction lockstep. Well, we see how that's worked out. Break out time.


You put the key points well.

Talking to people is important. There is a statistic that any two people on this planet can be connected by about six people hops - someone one of them knows, knows someone else etc. etc. until they link up. So we should not underestimate the power of both talking the talk and walking the walk.

A couple of other things...
Physical work is the only way around our fossil fuel farming methods. But what else are people doing? Getting fat and unhealthy - both body and mind - watching the crap on the TV?
As for the idea that healthy foods taste bland, I am sure that this has to do with the sensitivity of taste buds. The richer the food you eat the duller your sense of taste becomes - and vice versa. Bin the rich stuff and taste the ingredients again! Besides, it's only food. If you are looking for a buzz out of that you need to look for something else that's missing.
Lastly, who wants to be brainwashed by all those adds telling you you need more money to buy more pointless junk (both food and everything else). Less want = less stress + more time.


With all due respect, since I highly value your knowledge and all that you convey, the following statement is missing something vital, Mr. Cummins:

"We need to educate people to understand that industrial food and farming, GMOs, destructive deforestation and land use, and mindless consumerism are the major causes of global warming and climate destabilization."

You left out militarism. Not only is the armed fist of militarism the core motivator behind much in the way of mindless consumerism, the 1000+ bases situated around the earth and the costs of transmitting fuel to heavy equipment in places as remote as Afghanistan SURELY play a major role in climate destabilization.

Earth, as live being: Gaia. Earth Mother, Mother Nature, Pacha Mamam--would probably forgive her progeny for playing with too many toys so long as the WAR TOYS were placed aside. Often I've summed up what the esteemed Guru Yogananda conveyed to a U.N. audience back in l949. The crux of it was that there is a DIRECT relationship between organized forms of human aggression (like war, drone targeting and bomb campaigns) and the integrity of the integral web of biological life. When disruptions occur on account of violence, this web's balance is thrown asunder... and then the vastly complex climate systems begin to unravel.

Others would add in the role of so much fuel spent on inefficient vehicles, people literally driving from one side of a mall to another, and large buses left running all day inside tourist parking lots. Taken together, this pumps a lot of crappola into a fragile atmosphere.

I am ADDING to your statement. Not challenging what it DOES state.


The idea of getting corporate media involved is silly - how do we get mainstream environmental groups involved? We have to spread the word on social media, which is not hard at all. Follow "COWSPIRACY" for starters, and let everyone know that their documentary will be on NETFLIX very soon. Really appreciate your efforts, Ronnie. This is the only hopeful movement out there, I'm afraid. As much as I appreciate Pope Francis' efforts, the idea that we are going to get a political solution from Paris is delusional. We do not need them. We have the power...


Excellent points, both in the article and the comments. To expand a couple of the "next steps:"

Expand and deepen our message. We need to change our campaign message from “Boycott and Ban GMOs” to “Boycott and Ban GMOs, as well as the toxic chemicals, animal drugs and factory farms that are an integral part of the industrial/GMO food and farming system.”

And even further, to include the entire "Green Revolution" corporate agriculture model. Like Joan Dye Gussow said in This Organic Life, for every bushel of corn produced in Iowa, a bushel of topsoil erodes/blows away.

Link together the food, farm, forest, climate and economic justice movements.

An element of the "big picture" that particularly haunts me is fracking: Will we lose that battle until so much of our fresh water is poisoned that there's not enough left for agriculture? And then what?

Meanwhile, a recent small victory: The Aug. 20 New England Journal of Medicine contains an article calling for GMO labeling. http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp1505660#t=article


Thanks so much for the kind feedback. I'm afraid more than anything I communicated my frustration.

I so agree on TV watching. We gave that up years and years ago other than the films we select and enjoy. The manipulation on mainstream TV is so insidious. Not worth it in my world.

And yes, what are we looking for in all this buying and consuming we do in this country? It's like we have abandoned our inner quest and are trying to fill that gaping hole with anything and everything.

I like your formula. I think it speaks to the very crux of the matter.


I have been weird for a long time. In the seventies my landlord told me that me unit always had the lowest energy and water bill. We all had separate meters but the rent included utilities and water. Whenever I could I had a garden or a little patch out front or back. Food does not get thrown out. It is always reused as a leftover meal and if not quite enough it becomes food for the dog. The occasional bad potato, green pepper, tomato that has to be thrown out if not recycled in the garden would just about fill one grocery bag in one year.


I recentlyt filed complaints with the FCC and BBB re our service provider here. They of course have over sold their bandwidth and added no new cabling. We effectively pay for so called "high speed" internet at dial up speeds in rural areas. The joy of corporate America.

And yes, I'm a part time worker. Paid part timer/poverty level wages now in my 60's. Doing big kitchen gardens in uncooperative unpredictable weather. Most of us at the grass roots level have considerable challenges and as long as that 1% is calling the shots, it's not going to get any easier.

We do however have decent internet access here in our public libraries although they are now asking for I.D. and noting our names to use computers.

Quite the world we humans have going here. Past due for some changes that benefit the all.


"Healthy foods" certainly do not have to "taste bland." Adding fresh basil, fresh french tarragon, or a bit of heat, or one of many, many lovely cheeses... and on and on...


A way to support the revolution-- a draft animal powered organic no till farm is starting in Mendocino County. Using the Rodale method of organic no-till, and could be scaled up once we have a couple more years of adapting to West Coast environments. come support us please!

(can't post the link, find our campaign on facebook Yokayo Ranch Farm)