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Food Fight in India Becomes a Matter of Life and Death

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/10/food-fight-india-becomes-matter-life-and-death


Useful background information on this situation. Thanks!

There should be a right to food and water. No essential should be withheld by stealing it from people. “Water mining” should be a crime. Never a right to steal water from people.

Quality food is important to immune health. Agribusiness wants to force the world to allow a forced crapification of farming and theft of our ability to grow healthy food. We need a cooperate state, not a corporate state. FTAs are destroying farmers

who don’t use their products with treaties from hell that weaponize food and farming in bad ways and prevent the helping of people and stockpiling food for emergencies…

attempt to steal freedom to save seeds…

Factory farmed, processed food is dangerous to health. Example of a nutrient that modulates health in important ways


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