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Food Need Very High Compared to Pre-Pandemic Levels, Making Relief Imperative

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/11/food-need-very-high-compared-pre-pandemic-levels-making-relief-imperative

From 1% of children before the pandemic to 14% children now (about 1 in 7) now with not enough to eat, you would think our government would make this a top issue to address. Instead, we see McConnell and his demon party, the GOP constantly deferring any real help to the public. Oh, and let’s not forget the evangelicals who support these monsters in all they do.


So many politicians sell their brand as “family values” yet don’t give a crap about hunger. Hypocrites, one and all.


The recent report from Harvard school of public health, “The Impact of Corona Virus on Households” shows that 16% have had difficulties paying for food (page 4 of survey results, with “national” results, below the major report). The CPBB, the author’s workplace, shows 1 in 5 children not getting enough food. And the pulse report, from what I can see, shows 18% reported not enough food. And with the 33% having difficulties paying rent or mortgage, we are in for a long stretch of hardship never witnessed. The US Census report has stopped, no more weekly reports, but it had shocking results with subjective questions about 54% reporting they were “not at all confident” (18%) and “somewhat confident” (36%) about being able to afford food “in the next four weeks”. And about worry, “frequency of feeling worried, anxious, on edge” only 13% reported “not at all”. This is very under-reported, and it’s also very prevalent and dangerous. !! I write a blog, Economics Without Greed, Part Two, see August 2019, and March 2020 essays.

It is shameful the way humans treat each other.

People wait in line for food

While food on the farm is left to rot.

W W J D !? !!!.!!!.!!!.!!!.? (I am screaming at you, Christians.)

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