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Food Safety Groups Warn of Looming Zoonotic Pandemic, Blast USDA's New Slaughter Plant Regulation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/06/food-safety-groups-warn-looming-zoonotic-pandemic-blast-usdas-new-slaughter-plant


Government that only works for the very few at the top, can be very deadly to the many.


From the article:
“USDA is endangering public health. They should shut down NSIS immediately.”

Of course they should! But in fact, “the system” – and i refer not just to the New Swine Inspection System, but the entire predatory colonizing corporate power structure that “owns” and runs the economy – should be shut down immediately.

This specific outrage – continuing to “privatize” every element of governmental oversight and accountability, in this case by moving independent inspectors further “down the line” and letting employees of the very corporations that profit by skirting health and safety regulations be in charge of determining when animals need to be removed from the production line of these meat factories – is just one tiny specific outrage.

While i sincerely appreciate the tireless work of Food and Water Watch and the Center for Food Safety – two of the best large non-profits in the USA – We the People need to wrap our heads around the fact that we are being fed a steady diet of lies and corporate propaganda. We need to see the world as it actually is, not as it is framed for us and presented to us by corporate mouthpieces and their wholly-owned governmental “representatives.”

We need to go far, far beyond trying to respond to each specific new outrage with public pressure campaigns and lawsuits. We need to go about the long hard business of getting a significant portion of We the People on the same page to organize our actual lives, families, workplaces and communities to confront and dis-empower the looting class, and reorganize “the economy” to serve the Earth and the people, rather than serve that tiny sliver of humanity in the looting class that sits on top of the world and treats Ecology and Humanity as theirs to use and abuse.

Yes that is a huge order, very difficult, fraught with risk and danger BUT: The path we are presently on is not just fraught with risk and danger, but its very plainly and obviously on an accelerating road to utter catastrophe for people and planet.


Back into the jungle we go. Where is our modern Upton Sinclair?


Hi aussidawag:

sigh----yes where are the journalists who could save people from find contamination and disease? So—the employee’s and not the USDA inspectors will decide what is safe or healthy to eat?
OMG—more disease will be hitting Americans or anyone who eats the once upon a time USDA meet.
I suppose what will happened is that the employees who do not want to cause trauma to the meat eating public—who try to remove diseased of problem meat–I am sure that they will be fired for some made up reason.
People should probably reread Sinclair;s book, THE JUNGLE—I didn’t;t want to eat meat after that. When I was in the 7th grade, a neighbor worked for the UD+SDA and he was able to supply me and my science class a large number of liver flukes and a giant bowl of cow eyeballs so that we could study the eye. He was a wonderful neighbor and I truly hope he died of old age, and not of some disease in any kind of meat, when the FDA of any kind of cheating in the meat industry.
When he retired he once joked that FDA had turned into FEDERAL DEPT. of AWFULNESS. People should not have to die from eating bad food. If the government dispense with health concerns for Americans , maybe the people who own the meat plants should be turned into food tasters and be the first to find a problem in the meat! : )


Time to be Jewish or Muslim- no little piggies on the plate.


When the government doesn’t care for why people tolerate government;

When everbuddy’s already do’n the best that they can,

Y’all better duck, when the shit hits the fan.

Oh dear doG, stop eating those living animals, y’all. Absolute horror !


10 kid’s in a cadillac, stand in line for welfare check

Speaking of zoonosis, the news today from the Bronx zoo is very ominous: big cats testing positive for COVID-19 (at least one of them coughing). Perhaps nobody’s had time to test felines before – there’s not a hell of a lot of genetic difference between big cats and felis domesticus. Somebody should be having a very hard look at this, as soon as possible. I think if you have cats at home, they should be inside cats from now on – until this blows over. Objective facts of human-feline transmission are super-important. Without a scientific strategy, this could easily turn into a mandate to kill all cats.

In his Journal of the Plague Year, Defoe describes London killing all cats and dogs in 1665.


I read an article in JAMA about this very thing. It described how an elderly person with Covid-19 gave it to her cat. Luckily the cat had mild symptoms and recovered, but the vet did bloodwork and found Covid antibodies. This thing is gonna jump to factory farms when warm weather comes, perfect petri dishes for all sorts of nasty diseases. Not just pigs, either. Cattle. Poultry of all kinds. Not so much horses or sheep in the US of Abuse. But in countries that eat lots of sheep and raise lots of horses, it will be an issue. In the US, our food animals are one breed of one species. One virus could wipe them all out in a month. Every single chicken, turkey, pig, steer…gone. All because we Americans love big breasted turkeys. And eat only certain parts of an animal. And don’t get me started on vegetables and fruits. Same issue-one breed of one species. Only disease I’ve read about that can jump from plant to human is e. coli, and that’s not related to the plant at all.
And all of my cats have been indoor cats. Still, I did give one a mild case of influenza. Vet said it was the damnedest thing he’s ever seen after running the bloodwork. I said Cody had curled up around my neck and I coughed on her along with nasal discharge. Then she cleaned herself. Straight human to feline transmission. This was back in March, 1994. Me, I had a fever of 104, everything ached, coughing, chills, nasal discharge. Should have been in hospital…
In medicine, there’s not a history of something until it happens. Then there is…


Folks, quit worrying! Forget the food inspectors by eating a vegetarian or a vegan diet.


the new normal

Good post there David. Very few know of the chronic wasting disease (CWD), that infects deer, elk, and moose. As for your comment, there have been no reports of humans becoming infected with CWD. Of course our for profit, behind the times and pay to play health system has undertaken no studies on CWD transfer to humans. I’ll stick to fresh pacific wild caught fish myself.


It’s not just about eating meat that may be bad, but the entire ecosystem, if you will, of the factory farms which can evolve viruses that can transfer from the animals to humans (ie. the workers) who then spread the viral disease to their families and communities. The word zoonotic means the virus jumped from an infected animal to humans where it found a way to thrive and grow. Even vegans will not be immune!


Exactly right. Quit eating most meat years ago and feel so much better. Just fish every now and then that I catch myself and the occasional bird.


One sure way to stop all of this filth is for customers eating animals/dairy
to wake up to the hazards of animal/dairy eating –

Not only to humans, but to the planet.


“Off” comment, but those piglets are so CUTE how could anyone hurt them much less than eat them!


Vegan as well. I can not stand the cruelty to animals. Bonus is you are much healthier. Yes, I dread the diseases that will be coming between climate change, and meat eating “zoonotic” diseases.


Zoonotic Pandemic is as much the result of psychopaths running an organized crime syndicate disguised as the US gubmit as it is the result of meat eating. Is psychopathy passed from person to person or is it just contracted from drinking the water on Wall Street or in DC for six months or more ?