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Food Sovereignty Hangs in the Balance as WTO Launches Trade Conference



The WTO is the disintegrating mercantilist gauntlet gripping the controls of our modern hyperconsumptive technocphilic beast of a cultural hegemon. We can applaud sober dialog that leads to slight adjustments of norms about exploitative and unsustainable trade, or we can storm the WTO/IMF posh lobbies and retire the sinister institutions. This is a compulsory game of global capitalism that has taken hold of our ability to feed, house, and care for ourselves. The shift/broadening of our conscious recognition of the happenstance Society we find ourselves in and how we might experiment in improving it seems stuck on the stubborn patriachical/familial respect (often found in hereditary religion) towards ancestral creations like commerce, finance, nation-states, etc.. The future for humans that the Earth would allow appears to the WTO as a perverted, shameful offspring of civilization. We need to get that weird real soon.


"According to Hilary, the only solution to "breaking the cycle of
economic and ecological crisis" is to shut down the WTO altogether. "For
the planet to survive, the WTO must die," he wrote."

Now that's a HIlary I could vote for.

We need to get rid of WTO and also its evil progeny: TPP, TTIP, TISA.