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Food Standards on the Menu at U.S.-EU Talks

Food Standards on the Menu at U.S.-EU Talks

Sharon Anglin Treat

With the endorsement on April 15 by a majority of the heads of government of its member states, the European Union has finally taken the formal step needed to move ahead with trade negotiations with the United States.

The EU would be crazy to lower their food safety standards to our low levels. Losing the 50% from the Raygun firings (that were never replaced) and this 40% reduction by Trump leaves the American public with about 30% of the USDA meat inspectors we had in 1979. Do you think there’s more meat being processed today than in 1979, I would think so with the increase in population since then. Inspectors today on chicken lines for example, claim they have less than 1 sec. per bird to find safety issues with it. Think about that for a min., wonder if anyone here would feel comfortable signing off on that practice, knowing that if you missed something, someone could die from that contaminated chicken you signed off on. No wonder we have animal feces (E-Coli) in all of our meat and half of our other fresh foods.

“Europe will [pay the price]”.
I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m dam tired of Trump’s cabinet members threatening the rest of the world in our name.


First, no one should consume ecocidal cancer-causing U.S. industrially produced animal products.

Unfortunately, U.S. mass-produced fruits and veggies, even with organic certification, contain all kinds of vile, unsustainable inputs as well.

On top of that, anything that isn’t organic is likely to be genetically modified, which carries its own ecocidal, low-nutrient value, toxic chemicalled parameters.

Stay strong, EU – your citizens fought hard for progressive, rational food regulations. Don’t let U.S. trade bullies take that away from them.


For 70-80 years, US standards for consumer product safety as well as food purity and safety were the benchmark standards which others aspired to reach and it’s a tragedy that now we can measure how far corruption has eaten away at the U.S. system of goverhment that by witnessing how that system of accountability and inspection is now now one to avoid. The EU has taken the baton from the U.S. not only as a beacon for liberal democracy but for the maintenance of the highest food and product safety standards in the world. If the EU lacks anything, it’s the willingness to take more pride in its achievements and to stand firm when it comes to such issues as food safety standards in any treaties with other nations.


The American ambassador Woody Johnson dismissed EU sustainable and more animal welfare conscious farming methods as a’ Museum of Agriculture.’ Nothing can get in the way of making a dollar.


But, WE have to eat it.

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