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Food, Water, Health, Life: UN Experts Warn of Threats Posed by Secret 'Trade' Deals


Food, Water, Health, Life: UN Experts Warn of Threats Posed by Secret 'Trade' Deals

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Echoing the protests of civil society organizations and social movements around the world, a panel of United Nations experts on Tuesday released a stark warning about the threats that secret international "trade" agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) pose to the most fundamental human rights.


The whole TPP and all other supposed treaties are give aways to the good old usa to take control of the world. If you control oil you control nations if you control food you control people. The GMO and chemical cos. want MORE for them and the government of the usa has been pushing the idea since the Rockefeller’s of the 1920’s. We should know what’s in the treaty but it took 400 corporate lawyers to write it so it’ll take a few of us to figure out what’s in it. DOWN with TPP


An act of treason, pure and simple, by all signatories; an open pledge inimical to the welfare of citizens in their respective countries.


Say Hello to fracking your water with radioactive waste water,

Say Hello to radioactive fallout with increased nuclear power plant accidents

Say Hello to unlabeled GMO causing cancer in you food,

Say Hello to banksters turning the whole world into a slave state,

Say Goodbye to clean air to breathe.

Say Goodbye to all vestiges of Democracy or Justice


Our Congress and our President appear to know what is best…for them, but not for the rest of us. Passage of this treaty has already been determined. It is the final straw that will completely break what is left of Democracy.


i wrote Patty Murray’s office two weeks ago expressing my disgust at her votes for Fast Track and support of the TPP. Her office sent me back some boilerplate response about “Trade is good for us!” and blah blah blah and THIS pact will be DIFFERENT than all the other pacts that undermined public health, the environment, and fair labor because [empty platitude about how much better this one will be]! Zero specifics about actual differences, just platitudinous reassurances. Gosh thanks Senator Murray!

i wrote back to say she is wrong, and that i am dismayed at her willingness to sell out the national sovereignty (not that i’m the world’s biggest fan of national sovereignty but the system of nation states is better than the system of global corporatism) to multiply the privileges of corporations and investors above workers, communities and the Earth, and that i and others will continue to expose the false narrative she is expressing, and fight for a world in which strong clear standards of protection for labor, ecology and community COME FIRST, and then we allow business to operate within those clear limitations.

Bet i get more boilerplate in response! But someone in her office will have to actually read what i wrote, and report it even if only as one tick against. We need to tell these sellouts a thousand times, in a thousand ways, that we see very clearly what they are doing, we denounce it, and we are fighting for a better world no matter what they say or do. And we need to constantly raise the stakes for the corporations and their political lackeys who rob us, sell us out, and sell out the living Earth.

Time is long past for us to raise the stakes and increase the costs for the looters and their sellout lackeys. Like Lilliputians tying Gulliver down… we need to be smart, communicate with each other, work together, take care of each other, and make business as usual impossible.


I just received an unsolicited e-mail message from US Senator from Oregon Jeff Merkley requesting that I donate money to help Murray win re-election in 2016.

I feel like responding by telling him that no amount of Democratic Party kool-aid could warp me that bad.


The TPP & Fasttrack issues highlight how many and how much Democrats hate democracy enough to make it more impossible with every opportunity.


Sounds odd about Merkley. Perhaps he is trying to help her prospects to replace Chuck “Wall Street” Schumer as the Senate D Party leader. She voted for Fasttrack; he voted against it.


Seems Murray and Cantwell have plenty of voters in their bags to rely on empty platitudes keeping them there.

I agree I wouldn’t give either one of the a thought, except to tell them what traitors they are.


It is often said that when California gets a cold, Oregon gets pneumonia. And, now it seems, that when Washington state gets a fever, Oregon gets the flu. That’s what happens when you’re squeezed between 46 million people, I guess. If we were smart we’d sign on British Columbia and Alaska; becoming the 2nd most powerful country in the Western Hemisphere. And, 1st in rocky shorelines.


Monkey see, monkey do…


The Schumer angle makes sense for Merkley.

With Murray’s regressive voting record and her gushing about how great it is concocting budgets with Paul Ryan, there is a K Street job waiting for her that pays far more than what she makes as a Senator, so she probably doesn’t care if she wins re-election in 2016.


“ISDS chapters are anomalous in that they provide protection for investors but not for States or for the population. They allow investors to sue States but not vice-versa.”

My feeling is that treaties such as the TTP aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on: governments could, when it suits them, reject the terms and become instant heroes to their citizens. These treaties also give, by default, those nations that are NOT signatories to claim the moral high ground in any economic/political struggle that might arise. The BRIC nations, for example, would be able to persuade the rest of the world to join them against a heartless group of elites that have usurped their people’s sovereignty and trampled on their citizens’ human rights.


Say hello to Global Plutocracy!
These secret trade deals are the plutocracy exercising its power over us common people b/c 'they know what’s best for us."
So, bow down and obey!
True freedom, liberty, democracy is obviously a threat to corporate profit margins. That’s why they are against us. That’s why they insist on doing their dealings in secret. It won’t be for our best interests. It never has been and never will be.


Heartbreaking. Remember when she was the “tennis shoe mom”? So fracking sad and infuriating to see Murray transform from honest servant to treasonous liar. Or maybe the whole thing was a sham. Either way, so sorry to hear this.


You’re lucky (I guess), I wrote Murray, Cantwell and Larsen and haven’t even received a boilerplate response.

  • I think, in a fascist state, letters of criticism probably just get you on the “for eventual elimination” list.
  • The Constitution and Bill of Rights have been quietly eliminated and replaced with the US version of Hitler’s Enabling Acts. The civil rights of the United States citizen are gone and sadly, we have become subjects, or perhaps serfs, of the Empire of the United States!
  • Huraugh!
  • Yuck!


The UN has also said the lack of access to health care in the US is poor. We rate 37th for quality of health care because of those who die without access to health care. The UN also says the US runs the largest prison system in the world often with horrible living conditions. Now the UN says the secret “trade agreements” should see the light of day. Soon the US may need to try to destroy the UN. USINC/TPP needs to operate in the dark with the use of economic violence and military power.


Sometimes I fool myself into wishfully thinking that articles on CD are mainstream thought.


TPP = Traitors Protecting Profits