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'Foolish and Mean-Spirited': US House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood


'Foolish and Mean-Spirited': US House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

An ideological and at times sorely misinformed debate—one catalyzed by the right-wing's latest "underhanded smear campaign" targeting women's health—gripped the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday, as the chamber approved two anti-choice bills, one of which strips Planned Parenthood of all its federal funding for one year.


clowns, liars and misogynists at it again! anything to avoid dealing with the real issues facing most of us - jobs, housing, health care education and on and on. ugliness continues. GO BERNIE GO!


On C-Span, I watched the House "hearing" on Planned Parenthood Funding and had to turn off the sound and read the text because the vitriole of the Repugnants was enraging and nauseating. ALL, in lockstep, referred to having to endure watching the videos about PP selling fetal parts; using terms like infanticide and killing babies; the typical scat that they spew when attacking a woman's right to choose and free/low cost access to health care provided by Planned Parenthood. Amazing how their scripts all said the very same thing and the deliveries were like one would see at a three-ring circus. They put P T Barnum to shame. Rep. Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin was particularly vile and vituperative while virtually attacking the Yale professor (woman) and trying to put words in her mouth such as "infanticide." She stood her ground and requested that the record of the hearing be perfectly clear that she did not use any of the terminology in her testimony that Sensenbrenner accused her of using.

The distortion, malfeasance, prevarication, and absolute BS flung about during the hearing by the malcontents pushing to defund Planned Parenthood were absolutely misogynistic and outright cruel.

I sent an e-mail to the Rep in my legislative district who voted to defund PP and told her how short-sighted, narrow-minded, and bigoted I thought her actions/votes/statements were on both Planned Parenthood funding and the Iran agreement, which she also opposed.

For all who voted to defund Planned Parenthood, I hope the voters remember when it comes time for their re-election and cast votes for a more reasonable, sane opponent.

Thank heavens for the sanity of Senator Sanders! He gives me hope for the future.


Heaven forbid the R's have the executive and legislative branches wholly at once--they'd have to govern and they don't know how!


Hopefully, this will mean that the Senate and the WH dig in and refuse the House budget - which has lots of other appalling additions - including massive cuts to the EPA and a ban of the (already inadequate) proposed carbon emissions rule.

This will also mean I personally will be seeing another involuntary fall vacation without pay.


I wonder how many women vote Republican or are planning to vote Republican in 2016? How many Jews voted for the candidate from the National Socialist German Worker's Party? Who people vote for can make a major difference in your life. And while certain groups such as the rich and corporate stockholders may favor the Republican Party, why should anyone else do so? Nor do the Republicans favor personal freedom. It was a Republican, Richard Nixon, who started "The War on Drugs" that has doubled our prison population (over what it would be otherwise). Remember that putting people in prison (and keeping them there for years) costs about $30,000 a year per prisoner. As probably half are there for "drug offenses", we are paying a high price for our support of Nixon's "War on Drugs". There are also a number of other issues that effect various groups in an adverse way when the Republican Party controls Congress. We should remember that the Republican Party does not support personal freedom in a number of fields. Nor does it want to reduce the US cost of living or increase personal choice in many issues. It is the favored party of the rich and the big corporations. And unless you are rich or collect dividends from your corporate stock, the Republican Party isn't acting in your favor.


I don't understand this part:

The Born-Alive Act, they said, "would interfere with the sacred doctor-patient relationship and substitute a physician’s best judgment with that of a group of politicians."

If a baby survives an abortion, why on earth should we allow it to be killed?


Although important, pro-choice v. pro-life is a secondary issue in the big scheme.


Gee and here I thought the article was about the Party of No run House but I got no further than your remarks to find that the headline describes your useless and snarky comments to a TP. No fan of Hillary but you are a real Gohmert.


It seems that they have nothing better to do. They can just diddle around until the next election and then they will finally show us how they will run the government. Strange though, I thought that is why they were given a majority in both houses but yet they are doing the exact same things as they did before the 2014 or 2012 elections.
I certainly hope that the electorate won't take a pass on the coming election. I don't think the nation can stand another congress like the one we are now enjoying.


jonny's right when he implies this is just showmanship. bills like this fly through Congress all the time; most get wiped out in committee, others voted down because they're just too stupid or obviously going to get struck by courts, and then the few that squeak through mostly get struck down by even conservative courts.
this bill won't survive a court test, but it is useful to both the GOP and HRC as a campaign wedge issue, as Jonny pointed out already.
On the other hand, we on the Left need to do a better job of backing up our sisters right now. Just because something is a wedge issue, doesn't make it not serious. They really are getting hammered by the Right, and we owe them our full support.


Once again the haters of big government interference making interference their trade. And here I thought they said you can't legislate morality


Seems reasonable to me. Which of the Publicans would you prefer to Hillary?


The American Taliban Party (ATP), formerly known as the GOP, needs to defund as many "domestic" programs as possible in order to divert funds to the blank checks they send to the military industrial complex in their serial "off budget" war funding program.


Donald Trump is doing and excellent job of pissing off women, activating the sleeping giant of the Latino vote, and scarring the crap out of everybody else. Go Donald, Go! There are not enough angry white men out there to win an election. So sad.


The world's best minds would not be able to find a more effective way to increase the number of abortions than defunding Planned Parenthood. Preventing the need for abortions has always been a far bigger part of Planned Parenthood's activities than providing abortion services.

Although the article states that this House action is intended to make safe abortions unattainable, the real motive is to increase the number of abortions, irrespective of how safe they may be, thereby giving the right wing more ammo to expand their crusade against women.


when you look at those republicans over the last 8 years it seems like we are living i a country run by irresponsible nut cases- remember when the entire and only agenda of the party was to make sure Obama is a one term president? this has nothing to do with representative government- and this is a specimen of the current agenda- anti-women bs that has no place in government. they should all be sent home if they can't govern


Another example of a giant balls up in Congress. Why hasn't there been a legitimate investigation into whether or not PP actually broke the law or not so that there is no doubt? Why the to-ing and fro-ing? The facts should be conclusively established before there was any vote to defund. Sounds like another lazy piece of legislation from Capital Hill.


Drew Westen in "The Political Brain" posited that 85 per cent of voters vote for emotional reasons, the basis for which was laid won when they were young people just becoming politically aware. That means that in addition t receiving our genes from our parents, we also receive some political baggage. He identified abortion, same sex marriage and hand guns as the emotional issues. he forgot race. Remember Reagan's Cadillac welfare queens picking up their food stamps? And George Herbert Walker Bush's invoking Willie Horton against Michael Dukakis?


I'm really sorry to say this...but...I can remember when we had a Government...it shows just how old I am...sure they made mistakes, met in smoke filled back-rooms and every ones pockets were lined BUT things got done that needed to be done...what we have now is clearly a total sham...in many respects we have our own version of a religion run state, the separation between church and state is gone...if these right-wing religious thingy's wanna run things then they should move to Iraq lock, stock and barrel. If anyone needs a history lesson they should read the letters written between Jefferson and Adams. the fight they exchanged in letters to each other still exists today and it's sad to see but Adams is winning at this moment.