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Foolish Wars Have Consequences


Foolish Wars Have Consequences

James Zogby

Fifteen years ago, we were still in the early stages of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq, “the war that would change everything.” Looking at the Middle East today, I feel an overwhelming sadness as I consider the far-reaching and devastating impact that the Iraq war has had on my country and the region and its peoples.


The Military Industrial Intelligence Congressional Media Complex is so vast that it is always looking for the next murderous mission. Here is a look at the size of it.



The Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916, which carved up the Middle East into areas of interest for the English and French with a nod from the Russians created “nations” of disparate peoples that could never be expected to be unified absent the strong hand of tyrants. Not understanding history, or just giving in to the Greater Israel project has wrought misery and havoc to lands and peoples some of which helped to preserve the world’s knowledge during the Dark Ages in Europe. Greed, xenophobia, and ignorance are but three terms that come to mind. This stain on human history is not easily going to fade. What has been won? “War, what is good for? Absolutely nothing.” (Edwin Starr, 1969)


All wars, except wars of self-defense have consequences, as detailed by Zogby. Even wars of self-defense are brutal bloody murderous things that leave people worse off than before.


The other disruption in world order: leaders ordering wars of aggression face no consequences.

OR: Victors’ justice is all that matters.

OR: Might makes right.

Back to our stones and clubs and caves.


Spreading extremism in the Middle East and associating terrorism with Muslims was a major goal of the internal attacks on 9/11.


You (Zogby) say, ‘The neoconservative’s blindness to Middle East realities did indeed give birth to a “New Middle East,” but it was exactly the opposite of the one they had imagined.’

Yet the neocons’ war has indeed emboldened Israel, as intended, to more aggressively pursue its agenda to subdue the Palestinians and to expand its colonial enterprise. Trashed and divided Iraq is not much of a problem now for Israel, and Syria has been devastated (not yet fully disabled from helping the Palestinians). If the U.S. could just take out Iran, things would be fine (for Israel)

Perhaps the neocons are not so absolutely dumb after all, and destroying your foes (Israel’s foes - for the neocons, the U.S. should be serving Israel) can work out O.K. for you – not so much for anybody else.

You are attributing the neocons’ conduct to dumbness, when it should be attributed to something else.

I think there’s a foreign power interfering in U.S. politics, and it’s been not so good for us.


Can we stop calling War Crimes “Foolish Wars.”


From the perspective of the trillion $$$$ military, industrial, congressional, complex, wars are never foolish, on the contrary, the consequences are highly profitable!


“unintended consequence of the war was the unleashing of Iran as a regional power”
So tired of hearing this mantra from both sides.

So what! Newsflash Iran is located in the region. they are allowed to be involved with their neighbors. The US has been meddling in the region for nearly 100 years. Get out!


Zogby conveniently forgets to mention the support Dems in Congress gave to the Iraq War.

And he sure seems to cheerlead for war with Iran in this piece…


The growth of instability in the Middle East has NOTHING to do with Iran and trying to lay the blame on Iran is exactly what the Cabal behind this wants.

It deflection and nothing more. The growth of Instability was called for in the Yinon Strategy formulated in Israel and their puppets like Perle , Bolton and Feith who expanded on this with “The Clean Break Strategy”

This group then evolved into PNAC calling for a New Pearl Harbor to occur so the US could remake the Middle East. All of that instability and chaos created was PLANNED and detailed long before 9/11 and long before “Iran started Meddling”

This article does not mention the Yinon Strategy,nor does not mention Israel’s role in pushing for the destruction of Arab Nation states , It does not mention the Clean Break strategy nor does it mention PNAC and as such is fraudulent .

Indeed this article is helping forward the Agenda of the group involved in PNAC now laying the blame for all of this instability on a “meddling Iran”.


Shahak observed that the OYP provided a blueprint for the Middle East for the then Zionist regime of Ariel Sharon, “based on the division of the whole area into small states, and the dissolution of all the existing Arab states.”

According to Anti-War’s Dan Sanchez, the ‘Clean Breakers’ — including leader Richard Perle, David Wurmser, along with Douglas Feith and John Bolton and others — nominated Iraq first as a candidate for regime change. After Iraq, Libya and Yemen would then become ‘stepping-stones’ to overthrowing Bashar al-Assad in Syria, with Iran next on the list. As Sanchez says, the essence of the Clean Break manifesto went like this: “The weight of its strategic allies would tip the balance of power in favor of Israel, which could then use that leverage to topple the regimes of its strategic adversaries by using covertly managed ‘proxy forces’ and ‘the principle of preemption.’ Through such a ‘redrawing of the map of the Middle East,’ Israel would ‘shape the regional environment,’ and thus, ‘[Israel] will not only contain its foes; it will transcend them.’”


In the Iraq War Resolution:

126 House Democrats voted “nay”, 81 voted “yay”

6 Republicans voted “Nay”, 215 voted “yay”

So how is it that the Democrats are at fault for the passage of this measure when a large majority of Democrats did NOT vote for it, but the Republicans voted for it with near unanimity? And even if the Democrats mustered the party discipline to vote against unanimously, it still would have passed.

Sorry for the rude reminder of the complexity of things… especially in human affairs like politics.


All wars are foolish - or more accurately, high crimes against humanity.


Foolish was are started by foolish men and there was no one more foolish and incompetent than Bush!


Though Trump seems to be making a pretty good effort to one up Bush.


Yess, Israel -who shall not be named off the tongues of the spineless in Congress.


22 X-military suicides every week. Week after week. Year after year. Yet we are still treated to a constantly litany of calling military people “heroes.”

You know what would really be heroic? If the Armed Forces would look these sociopaths in the eye and tell them “If you want a war…go fight it yourself.” I doubt there would be a lot of war if wars were conducted by throwing the two presidents of the two countries in a cage with each other and a couple of large clubs.

Yeah, but it’s always easy to get sheep to follow your calling.


Indeed. That is why the biggest thing people can do to really support the troops is protest the very wars these troops are being shipped off to.


Zogby didn’t site Dims or Repugs. He sited neocons which exist in both parties. Along with the war profiteers that feed corporate profits and the MIC.